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Existentialism is a philosophical movement that involves searching for "meaning" within existence. In essence, it's trying to find meaning in a meaningless society and the artificial patterns and constructs which form our lives. Existentialism tends to view individuals as subjects in an indifferent objective, often ambiguous and absurd reality in which meaning isn't provided by the natural order. Rather, meaning is derived from an individual's actions and interpretations, such as whether a person steals a jetski or not. Through this, a person's subjectivity is greatly valued much higher than his objectivity.

Within the 1997 movie Speed 2: Cruise Control, there are certain times where a certain scene or action, is interpreted quite differently by all of us. There are many layers to peel back to gain an understanding of the themes inherent within the movie. Primarily the film serves as a commentary on the speed of modern living, the pervasiveness of driving really, really fast in today's society, and how everybody wants to reach their destination as quickly as possible. (Full article...)

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April 16: 42nd Josef Stalin Appreciation Day (World)

Today's gay black porn
Waiting Wilde
Unable to reach Him by phone, Oscar Wilde took his seat in God's waiting room (also called purgatory). It is believed that he waits there to this day.

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