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penar bonar LOL!
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Lateral thinking puzzles are often referred to as Situation puzzles, "yes/no" puzzles, or "no, no oh my dear god no!" puzzles. Lateral thinking puzzles are usually played in a group, alone, in pairs, with limited resources, by deep sea divers, or in other situations. It is most often used to stimulate lateral thinking. Depending upon the settings and level of difficulty, other answers, hints or simple explanations of why the answer is "yes", "****", or "please, God, no more" may be considered acceptable.

One player initiates the game by asking in a high-pitched and awkward voice whether anybody wants to play a lateral thinking puzzle. Once all other alternatives are exhausted, the game begins. The initiator of the game "tosses" to the players a confusing or counter-productive situation while the players are allowed to ask the aforementioned "tosser" yes/no questions until they either arrive at an explanation for the situation or beat him savagely about the head and body with a blunt instrument. (Full article...)

*... that if Mommy is willing to lie about a freaky old dude who sneaks into children's bedrooms in the middle of the night to eat your cookies and drink your milk, she'll no doubt be willing to deceive you about everything else?
Jewish people raped these people
bad stuff happened
"Get thee behind me Bacon!"

May 25: National Pork Products Day (Israel)

Today's gay black porn
The Klan's Halloween cross burnings are fun for the whole family!

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