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penar bonar LOL!

There have been many Histories of Great Britain. Readily available are Winston Churchill's A History of the English-Speaking Peoples (Except the Irish), David Starkey's Downton Abbey: The Prequel or Simon Schama's famous BBC television series Me History o'Britain. This isn't like those histories of the world's most famous island archipelago. This history is completely true and honest and free from sinister political bias or the unsettling hand of Her Majesty's censors. If you are a mincing effeminate or pearl-clutching old lady called Elizabeth, you might want to look away now. Too late! Read on!

Great Britain (or as it is officially known, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, The Low Tax Islands, the No Tax Islands, Rockall, Gibraltar, Britland etc.), sometimes known as What's The Matter With Britain?, is an ancient island state located just off the coast of France. On a clear day in Calais, you can see the Off-White Cliffs of Dover welcoming unwary visitors like a row of vagrant's teeth. (Full article...)

*... that sarcasm is totally the highest form of wit?
Jewish people raped these people
Trump declares COVID-19 a terrorist organization
The evil virus under a microscope
bad stuff happened

May 15: Feast of St. Kielbasa (Poland)

Today's gay black porn
Nuke Me if you can
Now showing at all good Middle-Eastern warzones near you!

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