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Gay stripper or handyman? Either way he is the perfect example that will help you find out how the average man on steroids looks like

Steroids, as everyone knows, are drugs that you can inject yourself with to appear more like a man, in all respects including the size of your genitalia, which suffer from the most extreme growth. Although steroid use began as a way of stopping men from looking like faggots, it was soon found that it could be extended to animals, ideas and inanimate objects. As time passed it seemed that anything awesome was in actual fact on steroids.

Origins of Steroids[edit | edit source]

Hulk, the result of the mix of steroids with greenery.

The first case of steroids being used on an inanimate object was in 1337, England. The astronomer Royal had been excited to show off his new grand telescope to his friends while masturbating. When one very uninterested friend remarked, "But Jim, surely it's just like your old telescope, and why the fuck are you masturbating?"

The astronomer royal replied "Ted, this telescope is like the old telescope ON STEROIDS!"

And thus the floodgates were opened.

Interestingly, this account has baffled etymologists for quite some time, as steroids were not invented until the late 1900s.

Well that really wasn't that interesting.

I lied.

or am I.

On Steroids in Popular Culture[edit | edit source]

One of the famous instances of steroids in popular culture was Anabolic Andy. An infamous page move vandal on wikipedia, he would change the names of articles to end with 'on Steroids'. Andy's work was often spotted by admins as being in the wrong place, at the wrong time, just looking for trouble.

Fortunately for the admins, most of Andy's pages were instantly recognizable, due to them being considerably more beefy, with skinheads, being wife beaters, and usually attempting to enter into high level anal events on steroids.

OP IS A FAGGOT!!!@!@#!@$%$!

Popular Culture On Steroids[edit | edit source]

“Why did the swarm of chickens murder everyone on the 4 lane motorway?”

~ The begginning of a joke on steroids

“Because they were on steroids”

~ The answer to the above joke on steroids