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Seems kinda sus to me...-Lollipop, BFB 25

Sus is a slang word for suspicious. It is commonly used in Among Us.

Origin of the Word Sus[edit]

The word sus, surprisingly, did not originate in Among Us. Surprising, right? I mean, it's only ALWAYS USED IN THAT GAME. It actually originated as a law that allowed British cops to arrest people for only being suspicious. However, cops used it to be racist, and the law was done away with. Later, a comedian used the word to show people his "sus face." Eventually, 2020 happened, and everyone screamed "GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY IT'S ALL GONE TO S***." At the end of 2020, things got better. We were blessed with things like the Cave(s and Cliffs) Update becoming a confirmed reality, School starting again-wait, that's a bad thing, and Among Us, the game no one used until 2020, getting discovered.

Sus in Among Us[edit]

Sus was re-invented by idiots shortening words for faster typing. I mean, humans always do that. But we did it again, and sus was used again in that classic game about finding the impostor before they find you alone, or killing people and not getting yeeted into space.

Final Words[edit]

Sus has gone from a racist law to a hilarious phrase to annoy people. Funny how things work. Also, fun fact: there are 6 total links in this article, and all of them go to the Among Us page. These are the things you notice while drifting through space after getting ejected. Wait, hold on, i don't like the look of this-stop-no-


*gets obliterated by stray laser shot*