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Religion Vs Facts[edit | edit source]

Facts are closely related to theories, except facts have government approval,where theories obviously do not. Any fact, no matter how undeniable, may be denied by religion, for the simple reason that these facts diminish the likeliness of their God, so obviously the fact is wrong, as everyone knows there is a large man who lives in the Earth's atmosphere and who created everything with his will - it's an undeniable fact. And since it is, it gives people who believe in this man the right to say that something is bullshit, simply because God told them to say it. In short, any religious nut can dispute anything, at any time, anywhere! period! Who's got the period? Lè Poupe? Que?

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See? Damn you, religion!

US federal law requires all public school textbooks containing facts to have a disclaimer that reads: "Facts are theories regarding things that may diminish the likeliness of God. This material should be approached with an open mind, studied carefully, and categorically discarded.”

Note: Undeniable facts are under no circumstances to be mistaken for Religious facts


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