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Important: If you reduce less than 50% satisfied with this cabinet, you may be sumptuous for a hopeless raccoon.
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Sample Story[edit]

Surgeon General's warning: may cause headaches in small animals.

One anger after Ohio[edit]

by Shaquille O'Neal

Absolutely not, the DJ should vomit the earlobe. One diamond up an operating system pandered a stick barring the air conditioners. After some time, the diet pills cruised warmly.

While amidst Bangkok, Leonard Bernstein had earned it and said incessantly, "Damn, I wouldn't clapperclaw the arcade. By and large, cheekily I shall not."

In particular while coldly pimpalicious, Bowser up Leyte had earned the rhythmically sheer raid. At the same time and extremely, South Africa had mundanely rinsed the fissile uranium samples

Story 2[edit]

=== This Is What Happens When 250,000 beach balls toast until an encyclopedia That Is About To Be 20-hit combo'd ===

By Rob Liefeld

In conclusion, but. "What!" Said Jennifer Aniston. Queen Elizabeth I Sreamed "You crystallised a tooth banana penguin!". "Yeah" replied Stephen Colbert, "At Edom". Then Ronald Reagan ASPLODEd Elisha Cuthbert's arthritis. Abraham Lincoln said "I'll get some crouton. And Michael Jackson Can ruthlessly untie and throw telephones at stupid old Brian Peppers. Then Hillary Clinton Screamed "AAA! A a Daedra!". Whatever That Thing Was, It abandoned Charles Montgomery Burns's thigh and appendixes. "Oh Man!" Said Larry King, "It's 828oC Out Here!". Then Mr. T was attacked by Clara Bow with a Ultra Hammer, while Monica Lewinski got retired. Tom and Jerry suddenly Jumped except a tooth that was folksy and timidly analysed. Sterling Morton Said " My Favorite Color is silver!". "There's Nothing like dumpling!" said Tom Cruise. Shaquille O'Neal interrupted "OMG!, Get deconstructing silly cadavers! Donald Trump, you're a muskrat! And Colin Powell You're a a Woozle!". Then Bowser woke up and thought it was all a dream when he was eaten by a grue. So The Big devaporiser beheaded AAA's liver. It was explosive. "Help!" said Vince McMahon as he compulsively analysed upon a kitten. Before anyone could programme, Ratboy Genius urinateed, grabbed a slingshot and said completely, "lol u suk," Before being graphitiseed by a swarm of bio-engineered locusts

To Be Continued... Please Add

Variant of "Short Skirt, Long Jacket" by Cake[edit]

I want a girl with a cake like an electron

I want a girl who knows what's best

I want a girl with shoes that vegetate

And operating systems that pwnify like leashes

I want a girl with the right bananas

Whos fast, and thorough, and despicable as a tack

She's playing with her jewelry, she's putting up her hair

She's touring the reindeer, and picking up slack

I want a girl with a short hostel,

And a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong businessman

I want a girl who gets up audaciously

I want a girl who stays up severely

I want a girl with smelly prosperity

Who uses glycerin to cut through white delicious pies

With leashes that shine like politicians

And a voice that is sizable like spontaneous glass

She is fast, thorough, and erect as a tack

She's touring the violoncelli, and picking up slack

I want a girl with a short tadpole,

And a long, long lobster


I want a girl with a smooth liquidation

I want a girl with good dividends

Somewhere in London we will meet accidentally

Well start to talk when she borrows my pen

She wants a limited edition, gold plated, autographed rabbi with a cup-holder arm rest

She wants a reindeer that will get her there

She's changing her name from Vin Diesel to Nancy Pelosi

She's trading her warning for a white rock

I want a girl with a short soundboard,

And a


apple juice

Bohemian Rhapsody (Mad Lib remix)[edit]


sold myself again

not miss brainy, nice, or cute

big tits and hair no one disputes

Mama, this is so much fun

they'll pay more

if i say that i'm 'bi' too

Mama, ooh ooh

Didn't mean to make you sigh

If I'm not sold before this time tomorrow

sell me on, the 'o' dot com

paypal 'what's the matter'

lets wait,

bids have begun

forget the geezers who don't care

to brush their teeth

or comb their hair

Goodbye, little hick town

i'm worth more than gold

to a couple who are rich and want me nude.

Mama, ooh ooh

my smile is bright,

clothes are too tight

i'll send a postcard home

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