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Despite Amy's cute looks, she can kick anyone's ass, even Sonic's.

Amy Rose, also known as Rosy the Riveter Rascal, is a fictional character in the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series. She is a pink hedgehog with fiery temper and skill with oversized hammers in combat. She has an obsession with the series' main character Sonic, going to insane lengths to be with him. Sonic considers her a fair weather friend, but has rejected her advances multiple times. Poor girl.

Amy debuted in 1993's Sonic CD for the Sega Genesis Disk-Compressor. She has become one of the series' most popular and recognizable characters, appearing in dozens of Sonic-oriented games, comic books, anime, cartoons, and hentai. Sega originally intended to name her "Rosy the Rascal", a reference to Rosie the Riveter, but since women's rights is a no-no in Japan, the idea was quickly discarded.

Amy has received a mixed response from critics, who slated her for her annoying voice, gratious stalker-like personality, and general uselessness in terms of plot progression. However, despite her obtrusive personality, she is very popular among the Sonic fanbase, and is one of the few characters to be considered attractive by the series' older fans.


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Amy is known for being more...ahem, confrontational than most.

Amy is skilled in over 400 types of infiltration, including ninja-style and Tom-Cruise-on-a-string-style. She is hornier than triceratops in heat and armed with cute looks to boot, the latter being her deadliest weapon. She is also armed with a large Piko Piko Hammer than can knock out anybody in a single room. The instant any blue male hedgehog shows the slightest bit of weakness, she will pounce and begin the ceremonial virgin-sodomizing rites.

During the series' leap to 3D, Amy underwent a massive bout of puberty, bumping her age up from 8 to 12 and drastically modifying her appearance, hairstyle, and fashion taste. Although many speculate this to be a byproduct of one of Dr. Eggman's inventions, Amy claims she had her phase forcefully because of "that bitch Sally Acorn". To this day, Amy and Sally constantly argue over who loves Sonic more, explaining his constant disappearance or need for alone-time in many of the cartoons and comics.

Amy's hobbies include eating ice cream, indulging in kleptomania, being a damsel in distress, and being coupled in fan fictions with every other character under the Sun—regardless of gender, species, or whether or not they even exist in the context of the Sonic universe. She is currently on parole while undergoing trial for constantly violating her 200-yard restraining order against Sonic. She was also arrested for sexual assault of Shadow the Hedgehog, but the victim elected not to press charges.

In video games[edit]

Early life[edit]

Amy was born in Green Hill Zone, South Island to Racaslly and Axl, two of the best ring farmers on the island. Although her parents always encouraged her to learn how to run fast and farm rings, she preferred smashing their next door neighbor's robotic bugs. Amy visited the Little Planet, a plane that appears above the island once every few years, and practiced using her hammer by building random loops and platforms around the town.

When South Island Child Services learned that Amy's parents, an investigation started on their part. After a three-month evaluation, child services entered their household and announced they were taking Amy away from her parents. Overhearing this, Amy fled from her home.

Book of Genesis[edit]

Amy meeting Sonic for the first time. Not much has changed since then.

In Sonic CD (1993), Amy hears from a fortune teller that she will meet the love of her life at Never Lake, just as the Little Planet appears. She goes to Never Lake, and finds another hedgehog, a dashing young lad named Sonic. Sonic finds the planet tethered to a mountain by a chain and completely mechanized, and realizes this is the work of villainous nemesis, a fat man named Dr. Robotnik.

Sonic, knowing it's his job to quash Robotnik as always, goes onto the planet, and Amy tags along, much to his dismay. In the midst of their journey, Metal Sonic, a robotic clone of Sonic built by Dr. Robotnik, kidnaps Amy and Sonic must rescue her. Sonic defeats Metal Sonic and Robotnik, and escapes with Amy away from the crumbling wreckage in a very cool anime ending scene.

Amy in her military flight-combat training with Tails. You're doomed now, practice dummies!

After being rescued by Sonic, Amy decided it was time for her to stand up for herself. She enlisted in the United Federation Air Force to improve her combat skills, and defend herself as well as her friends from Robotnik's forces. Following a year of harsh warm-ups, Amy was finally allowed to commence her flight training, with Sonic's friend and noted airline pilot Miles "Tails" Prower as her partner. Due to a night of binge drinking with Blaze the Cat the night before she was supposed to start, Amy was removed from her training jet and placed as second-seat to Tails. As the training days went by, Amy felt more comfortable being the second-seater and graduated as Tails' jet partner.

In Sonic the Fighters (1996), the Sonic cast suddenly becomes very violent and stars beating the living daylights out of each other. Amy decides to put her skills to the test, and whomps all of her opponents with her trusty Piko Piko Hammer.

Book of Adventures[edit]

In Sonic Adventure (1999), Amy finds a bird wearing a Chaos Emerald necklace. As it turns out, the bird being is being pursued by E-100 Alpha (ZERO), one of Dr. Robotnik—who, for whatever reason, has changed his name to "Dr. Eggman"—'s chunks of cheesy hardware. Amy later meets Sonic, and invites him to screw with her in an amusement park, but he chickens out and they become separated. ZERO then reappears, capturing Amy and the bird and imprisoning them on Eggman's airship, the Egg Carrier.

Inside Amy's cell, another Eggman mech, E-102 Gamma, orders her to give the bird to him. She refuses, and tells him that there is more to life than being evil. Gamma, in a storm of clichés, decides to turn over a new leaf, and unlocks their cell allowing them to escape. On the deck, Eggman confronts Amy and grabs the bird's Chaos Emerald. Sonic and Gamma appear, and when Sonic tries to destroy Gamma, Amy defends him, telling him the robot is her friend. Sonic agrees to spare Gamma, and Amy leaves with Tails.

Amy later sees a photo of the bird and its parents, whom that heartless brute Eggman has also stolen, in its necklace. When Amy looks for them in the jungle, she again finds the Egg Carrier. The bird's parents emerge on the deck; ZERO appears, and injures Amy's bird. Amy smashes the mech apart with her hammer, and waves goodbye to the three departing birds. Girl power, yeah!

Book of 6Gen[edit]

Amy leads her assault against Eggman's Egg Fleet Hyper Death Egg Whale-Carrier VII.

In Sonic Heroes (2004), Amy befriends a rabbit named Cream and her sidekick Cheese,[1] as well as big cat named Big the Cat, and forms Team Rose. After a minute of being away from Sonic, Amy gets worried about him, and the three go on a search for him. Along the way, they lead an all-out attack on Eggman's Egg Fleet Hyper Death Egg Whale-Carrier VII. With all the reconnaissance received over the years, Amy was able to determine the weak-points of the carrier and planted a bomb in its core, destroying it. Team Rose also helps their friends defeat the game's true antagonist, Metal Sonic, at the end of the game, who locked Eggman away and impersonated him.

Post-Heroes, Amy has basically been regulated to cheesy cameos on par with the Simpsons randomly popping up to meet Chief Wiggum and Principal Skinner in Chief Wiggum P.I.. These games include Shadow the Edgy Hedgehog, Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors, Sonic Shapes, Sonic Feel, Sonic Sound, Sonic Generations, and Sonic Chronicles: The Angst Brotherhood. Most fans are happy with this change, considering there's little you can do with the "obsessive fangirl" archetype before it gets stale.


Amy on vacation after retiring from the United Federation Air Force with a rabbit, Tails and the Sentient Goo.

After the attack on the Egg Carrier, Amy, Cream, and Tails were given Presidental honors. Subsequently, the girls retired from the Air Force, having conveniently won the lottery recently, and retired to a life of luxury in good ol' Green Hill Zone on South Island. Tails defected back to Team Sonic, to keep an eye out for the return of Eggman. It wasn't long until the girls realized they were some of the youngest people living in the island, finding they were enjoying games such as Bingo and chess too often, and most of their opponents were above the age of 65.

After two years of retirement, Amy decided to continue on with her life and get involved in the government, while Cream started a successful cooking show. Being involved in destroying the Egg Carrier, Amy was already in the spotlight with Mobian citizens, which gave her a shoe in when she submitted her bid to be an independent in the 3236 gubernatorial election. Using her career with the military and her charming attitude, she campaigned greatly to get the job as Governor of South Island; however, Rotor Walrus, the Republican candidate, was quite popular as well. Come November 7, the election occurred.

Governor of Green Hill[edit]

Green Hill Gubernatorial Election 3236
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Independent Amy Rose 2,519,845 52.2 N/A
Republican Rotor Walrus 1,247,008 25.8 -26.1%
Democratic Bunnie Rabbot 912,418 18.9 -37.9%
Reform Sally Acorn 92,595 1.9 -1.6%
Communist Nack the Weasel 27,402 0.5% +0.4%
Libertarian Ivo Robotnik, Jr. 3 0.00000006% N/A
Turnout 4,829,271

Amy won the election in a landslide, surprising everybody in a place where elections usually end up near a deadlock. Amy officially declared herself out of retirement and took up her seat, instantly disbanding the Libertarian Party of the Robotnik Corp., which only achieved 3 votes, and set up Team Sonic's base there so they had access to any materials they required to stop Eggman.

Despite being an independent, Amy was one of the Republican President's favorite governors. When the President requested to have formal dinners with Amy, she declined, instead asking him to arrange a date between Sonic and her. Unfortunately, the order was confused, and a Sonic restaurant was constructed outside Amy's house in Florida.

With the President's term coming to an end, Amy decided it was time to move on as well. Interested in the President II's administration, Amy took the side of the Democrats and was approached to move from her job as Governor to the Secretary of Homeland Security, based on her experience in fighting Eggman. She got together with Team Sonic, and they all agreed with the idea. Amy officially accepted the offer and became the President II's new Secretary of Homeland Security after his inauguration in 3237.

Move to Homeland Security[edit]

The President II meets with Amy Rose after she accepts her job offer in 3237.

Accepting the job as Secretary of Homeland Security, Amy was one of many to attend the President II's massive inauguration and luncheon on January 19, 3237. Afterwards, she collaborated with the Mobian military in determining Eggman's location, following his 147th defeat and cowardly escape. In 3239, the good doctor was located in his compound in Sandopolis Zone, and taken out by Rotor Team Six. There was much rejoicing from the world, though Eggman's sympathizers (calling themselves "The Badnik Brotherhood") have vowed that the Mobians will pay for this.

With an increased budget, President II and Amy decided to transfer terrorism efforts back to the Department of Defense. After the change, she renamed the Department of Homeland Security to the Department of SONIKKU, on behalf of Sonic and the Japanese for their donation of a half-dozen roses to Amy's office.[2] For her work and gratitude, the President II signed Amy's hammer, resulting in other famous celebrities signing it as well, resulting in it receiving a value of $10.4 million, and replicas made for Amy's public appearances.

Despite having to work agains the threat of terrorism, Amy still retains her lighthearted attitude and composure, always ensuring that acclaimed rock band Crush 40 performs at every party she attends.


Wait a sec...this episode takes place in 1994, yet Amy is depicted her Sonic Adventure appearance (released in 1999, FYI). What happened here, some kind of magic xylophone? Boy, I hope someone got fired for that blunder.

Amy has received a mixed response from critics. Richard Kuta of the Furry Post expressed an interest in seeing "more Amy Rose" in future Sonic games, such as a game featuring her and Tails as a couple, in an article whining about the series' current direction. DeviantArt's Christian W. Chandler wrote: "One of the coolest things about [Amy] is her sexy awesomeness!" and hoped she would be a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Although Amy was described as "cute" by Alexander Prins-Stairs of Big Katana Monthly, he also insultingly mistook her for a "little-pink-dog-type-thing."

Amy's personality has largely been disparaged. Critics have variously described her as "not really an interesting character", "annoying", a "Total bitch", a "whiny, annoying brat", "annoying", "one of gaming's most irritating females", a "fangirl who contacts Sonic seemingly just to bag him", "annoying", "kind-hearted" yet "intolerably whiny", a "Minnie Mouse ripoff", and "annoying". Despite this, some suggest that she is in fact a brilliant satirical parody of annoying fangirls, and her actions hit too close to home for the critics—who just so happen to be the fangirls Sega is mocking.

Exemplifying the cheesy-yet-endearing culture of that decade, Amy and Sonic appeared in The Simpsons episode "That '90s Show" (season 19, 2008), on a billboard promoting abstinence: Sonic proposes to Amy with the caption, "Sonic the Hedgehog says wait until marriage." Not only did this episode piss off Simpsons nerds due to it retconning much of the series' past (where Homer and Marge got married in the early 1980s rather than the mid-'90s), but it also pissed off Sonic nerds due to inconsistencies with the timeline and Amy's anachronistic appearance and blah blah blah.


  1. Get it? Cream...Cheese?
  2. Interestingly enough, the Japanese were unaware of Amy's last name. The thank you card even stated Rosy the Rascal, based on an old intelligence card from the Cold War.
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