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Cluck cluck gluck cluck "gawk cluck cluck (bock gluck)" B`gawk?

Cluck cluck cluck, Cluck gawk gawk cluck cluck gluck bock cluck, cluck. Cluck bock cluck cluck, "gawk cluck cluck (bock gluck)" cluck bwocka bwok gwoka cluck clucka-cluck gluck cluck bock gluck bock clucka-cluck bock B`gawk-gawk!

Gah! gluck gluck cluck B`gawk-gawk[edit | edit source]

Cluck bwuk bock bock cluck cluck gluck cluck gawk cluck cluck! Gluck glcuk bock cluck cluck gwuck bock bwok b`gawk gluck gluck b'gawk bock cluck cluck bwuk gluck bwuk, bwuk cluck bock,b'gawk-gawk cluck, gluck gluck b`gawk gluck bock cluck gawk cluck cluck!! Cluck cluck cluck, bwuk bwuk gluck b`gawk bwuk gluck cluck. Cluck gluck bwuk, gawk gawk cluck gluck, bwuk-bwuk, cluck-bwuk, gwuk bwuk cluck!

Cluck gluck cluck gluck gawk?[edit | edit source]

B`gawk-gawk cluck cluck bock gluk cluck cluck gawk cluck cluck gluck gah. Gluck bwuck cluck, cluck cluck gawk, gluck cluck cluck. B`gawk bock gluck bwuk cluck cluck bwuk, gawk cluck cluck cluck b`gawk! B`gawk-b`gawk-bock-bock cluck cluck bwuk gluck-bwuk gluck gluck bwuk bock bock b`gawk cluck bock Cluck cluck gawk bwuk bwuk cluck gluck gluck cluck b`gawk-bock bwuk cluck bock gwuk gluck cluck bwuk bwuk bwuk cluck gawk b`gawk-cluck cluck cluck cluck bwuk-bwuk b`gawk-gluck! Cluck gluck gawk bwuk gluck cluck cluck b`gawk-bwuk!! Gawk cluck cluck b`gawk-cluck-bwuk!!!!

Cluck-cluck b`gawk-bock gluck-gluck[edit | edit source]

Bwuk-bwuk bock gluck!!!!!!
B'awck glok cluk bluck.

Cluck gluck bwuk, cluck bwuk gluck, cluck b`gawk-bwuk bock cluck, b`gawk-gluck cluck, bwuk cluck cluck bock, Bwuk bwuk bock cluck cluck gluck bock bock bwuk bock-bock. Bock Bock, gluck cluck bwuk cluck cluck B`gawk! Cluck cluck bwuk, bwuk gluck cluck, bock gluck cluck. Cluck cluck bock b'gawk gluck cluck cluck bwuk cluck cluck b'gawk buck cluck cluck buck. Gawk bock b`gawk cluck cluck bwuk bock bock cluck gluck gluck cluck! cluck b`gawk-bwuk!! Gawk cluck cluck b`gawk-cluck-bwuk!!!!

Cluck gluck bock cluck[edit | edit source]

B`gawk bock cluck gluck bock bock bwuk
Cluck cluck bwuk bock bock. B`gawk-bock cluck cluck bwuk gluck.
Cluck cluck bwuk bock b`gawk-gawk bock bock bwuk cluck bock cluck Gluck bwuk cluck cluck b`gawk bock cluck bwuk bock B'gawk-gawk cluck.