No Vowels

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D_WN W_TH TH_ V_W_LS!! - M_st w_rds h_v_ v_w_ls.[edit | edit source]

                                                                    V_w_ls _n _r v_w_ls __t? _h, ___'r_ c_nf_s_d - w_ll, _'ll d_c_d_ f_r ___, _f ___'ll p_rm_t m_...
~ H_nn_b_l L_ct_r _n v_w_ls

“_ n_v_r l_k_d v_w_ls.”

~ _sc_r W_ld_ _n Th_s p_g_

“TH_S _S SP_RT_!!!111_n__n__n_”

~ K_ng L__n_d_s _n SP_RT_ (Th_ l_tt_r "o" _s s_m_t_m_s n_t _ v_w_l. __th_r w_y, f_ck y__!)

“_n S_v__t R_ss__, v_w_ls r_m_v_ Y__!!”

~ S_v__t R_ss__ _n N_ V_w_ls