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The Hen Named Ty. Someone's on some serious Tai.
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The Hen Named Ty again. How many "Ty"mes can I use this joke before it runs dead?

The birth of Hen named Ty

There was once a hen, This hen lived on a farm. He absorbed way too much pornography of cartoon girls and became a Hen named Ty. A Hen named Ty is simply a Hen on Tai.

The Hen Named Ty's escape to the Zoo.

The Hen Named Ty escaped to the Zoo, Where this Hen found a resting place. While at the Zoo, It was allowed to absorb more Pornography of Cartoon Girls after everyone left, And in-between Zoo visits. Whenever the Zoo is closed, the Hen named Ty is allowed to absorb the stuff.

Cuisines with the legendary Hen named Ty

As you know, Many animals have Cuisines made out of them. This one in particular has "Hen named Ty Nuggets", A parody of Chicken Nuggets.

I LIKE DELICIOUS HEN NAMED TY AND I CANNOT LIE, WHEN THAT HEN WALKS IN WITH TH- Okay nevermind... Almost went on singing... Whoopsie Daisy!
A Hen Named Ty Nugget.

McDonalds even sold something of the sort, "McHen Named Ty Burger". This cuisine was similar to a chicken-filled burger, Except it tasted like the rare Hen Named Ty.

Hen Named Ty's Great Decline

The Hen Named Ty is extremely rare to see these days, Their name-tagged Hen-like selves have vanished from existence largely. All because of Hunters and Poachers hunting them for their eggs, meat, and other things.

What you can do to save the Hen Named Ty

Simple. Follow these three steps.

  1. Stop eating Hen named Ty-based meals.
  2. Stop eating Hen named Ty-based meals.
  3. Stop eating Hen named Ty-based meals.

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