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Chicken Pie is a common phrase used by Mr. Chicken, Mrs. Chicken, That crazy bitch from Chicken Run - Mrs. Tweedy, Little Chicken, and his gangsta chicken employees. 90% of Jesus' dinner is chicken pie so it is quite holy and eating chicken pie once a week is said to give you miraculous powers beyond Jesus' and Gods' (though they are fictional characters). The term "chicken pie" come from the Greek word "chickenus piethene" which means to eat donuts. Chicken Pie has been around since before birth of Jesus, and illustrations show that it was even around in the Ancient Greek times. Many famous dictators have had aid from chicken pie. Adolf Hitler, Kim Jong-Il and Alexander the Great are just the few people who have used the powers of chicken pie for their own good. It is believed even the so called "fictional" character Dr. Jekyl was in fact drinking chicken pie extract. Eating too much chicken pie is not recommended, as it is quite dangerous. symptoms of overdose of chicken pie include yellow skin, enlarged arm muscles, dry lips, and constant quick jerks of the body every couple of minutes. If one finds they, or their friend in a situation like this, they should contact a doctor as soon as possible. Overall, one can say chicken pie is a type of drug.

Meanings[edit | edit source]

The definition for chicken is "A chicken (Gallus gallus) is a type of domesticated bird which is usually raised as a type of poultry. It is believed to be descended from the wild Asian Red Junglefowl"

Quote from Wikipedia[edit | edit source]

The Definition for a pie is "A pie is a baked dish with a pastry shell that covers or completely contains a filling of meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, cheeses, creams, chocolate, custards, nuts, or other sweet or savoury ingredient. Pies can be either 'one-crust', where the filling is placed in a dish and covered with a pastry top before baking, or 'two-crust', with the filling completely enclosed in the pastry shell" The Bird can also be found commonely in the curry shop in Pakistan, these chicken are like pets for the works and help the workers cook. When the chicken get anoying they get there head cut off with a ninja mega woppa curry samuri sword, but the worker don't under stand that the chicken is a ninja and never dies and chicken make a nice chicken pie and so does lamb.

Quote from Wikipedia[edit | edit source]

So by that you gather that a chicken pie is the meat of a chicken put into a pastry shell and enclosed with a pastry top then baked, but chicken pie is a small cult in Tasmania, Australia even though it is unheard of. The "chicken pie" cult is known for making up and boosting the popularity of outrageous sayings and words such as "Hey Pie!", "Poorbag", "Pie in the Sky", "Oh my god there's an ant in my eye!", "Assclown" and many other stupid sayings. They are also known for grafftiing chickens on anything possible.

As you can see there are more meanings to chicken pie then you could ever imagine!

Chicken Pie: Food or Drug?[edit | edit source]

There has been a debate on if chicken pie is a drug or food for many centuries. The powers of chicken pie is so complex the affects it has differs for each person. Many elite sports players have used chicken pie to their advantage, and as the Federation of Sports Committee does not have chicken pie in their list of banned substances, Olympians will use this to their advantage and consume heavy amounts of chicken pie. But not all times is chicken pie used as a drug. For many centuries chicken pie has been a favourite in many families all over the world. An average take-away store will serve chicken pie. It is estimated that at this moment, over 1.5 million people are consuming chicken pie. Out of this 1.5 million people, only approximately 30,000 is using it as a means of drug. Just one serving of chicken pie is not going to affect one's body or mind, but eating more than 2 is, as explained by the Committee of Safe Foods "Very dangerous to one's diet, and to their body". Recently, researchers have made a breathaliser made purposely for the measurements of chicken pie in one's diet in a couple of hours. Some coutries, such as Italy and Guatemala have federal laws on how much chicken pie is to be consumed before driving. Any amount over 2.3 is said to be dangerous (where 1 is the amount of chicken pie from one official sized chicken pie). Althought chicken pie is proven to be dangerous in large quantities, still many countries choose to ignore this and have no law on these foods. In 1996, the WHO committee (World Health Organisation) broadcast an ad on BBC on the dangers of chicken pie and what will happen if someone ate more then 5 (see "Myths"). This ad went on for 50 seconds, and it sent panic to the world. Many chicken pie companies were forced to shut down and the chicken pie popularity decreased by 5.4%. But this was not enough. In 1998, USA decided on banning chicken pie to people under the age of 8. This was because of the very dangerous chance that the child will get a mental illness from the shock, such as Schizophrenia, and even OCD. Even this did not stop the chicken pie stampede. In 2001, Chooks, Inc. then produced different flavoured chicken pie. The variety of flavours to choose from (eg. Curry, Fairy floss, Potato Chips Chicken, Pizza, Barbecue, and many more) revolutionised consumptions of chicken pie. Now, instead of the chicken pie as a food, it was seen as a number of foods and more and more of chicken pie was bought. In 2005, in the "Summit" conference, the Leaders of many countries finally decided that something needed to be done, after Dick Cheney had a heart attack from Chicken Pie. This is when the Chooks, Inc. was officially shut down due to a new regulation that "Chicken pie can be chicken pie, and not barbecue". This sent controversy around the world. Many magazines criticized the leader's on their foolish idea, and the number of terrorist attacks in the USA went up by a massive 200%. Even though this had happened, the chicken pie consume of the world decreased by 26.8% and it became much safer.

The debate on whether chicken pie is a drug or food is still active, and there is still conflict between the two teams. No one knows exactly what category chicken pie should be in, but many religious people have said it is "a sixth sense, another power, a holy substance". So, unless there is more information on this issue, no one knows exactly if it is a food or drug. Maybe it is a holy substance. No one knows for sure.

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