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The Super Mario franchise is a video game franchise created by Nintendo. The 1st game “Donkey Kong” is an arcade game when it was actually Pauline in damsel of distress but captured by donkey Kong. So if you were wondering when Pauline was captured by ape from the quiz in Super Mario odyssey. It was in donkey Kong arcade game 🕹 where the ape donkey Kong captured her.


Characters in the Mario franchise.


Main Article: Mario

Mario is the main character in the super Mario franchise. Mario mission is to save princess peach from bowser. Mario wears a red hat, a red shirt and blue overalls. Mario has 1st appeared in donkey Kong (1981) arcade game where he was called “jumpman”. Mario has balanced running speed and balanced jumping and fall speed. His wife is princess peach. His job is a plumber.


Main Article: Luigi

Luigi is a sub character and Mario brother in the Mario franchise. He has the same mission as Mario sometimes.Luigi wears a green hat, a green shirt and blue overalls. He is taller than Mario. Luigi first appeared in Super Mario bros. 1. He is also a plumber. He has high jumping and slow running. He has bad traction. His wife is princess Daisy. He is the main character of Luigi mansion series. He is scared of ghosts.

Princess Peach[edit]

Main Article: Princess Peach

Princess Peach is the princess of the mushroom kingdom. She has her toads as her subjects and often gets kidnapped by bowser. She is the wife of Mario. She wears a pink dress and has blond hair. She has her castle.

Princess Daisy[edit]

Main Article: Princess Daisy

Princess Daisy is the princess of the Sarasaland kingdom. She is the wife of Luigi and has an orange dress. Her dress covers her feet.


Main Article: Boo (Mario)

Boo is an enemy in the Mario franchise. It is usually white in color and gets scared when looked at. The Pink boos may turn into boo blocks. King boo is their ruler.


Main Article: Bowser (Character)

Bowser is the leader of the Koopa troop and often kidnaps princess peach. He has a spiked shell and has spiked bracelets. He can turn big. He has a son named Bowser Jr and the antagonist of the super Mario series.


Main Article: Plessie (Nintendo)

Plessie is an orange dinosaur in the Mario series. She is seen in Super Mario 3D world and gives Mario a ride. She goes on water. In bowser fury she is cat Plessie well when you beat bowser.


Main Article: Yoshi

Yoshi is a dinosaur in Super Mario franchise. He is usually green but can be Red,Orange,Yellow,Blue. Yoshi can flutter jump and eat fruit. Mario can ride yoshi. Yoshi’s are the main characters in the yoshi series.

Donkey Kong[edit]

Main Article: Donkey Kong (character)

Donkey Kong is a ape in the super Mario franchise and donkey Kong franchise. He can be a protagonist and a antagonist. He can throw barrels. He has a son named Diddy Kong.

Diddy Kong[edit]

Main Article: Diddy Kong

Diddy Kong is a monkey in the super Mario franchise and donkey Kong franchise. He is a protagonist. He is brown like donkey Kong. His dad is named Donkey Kong.


Main Article: Toad

Toad is a toad in the super Mario franchise. The species of toad lives in the mushroom kingdom. They are the subjects of princess peach in the mushroom kingdom.


Main Article: Dorrie

Dorrie is a blue dinosaur in the Super Mario Franchise. Dorrie is known as the swimming beast. He can also be purple or yellow.

Toad Brigade[edit]

Main Article: Toad Brigade

The Toad Brigade is a Group of 5 toads in the super Mario franchise. There is the captain toad, yellow toad, blue toad, purple toad and green toad.

Captain toad[edit]

Captain toad is the captain of the toad brigade.

Yellow toad[edit]

Yellow toad is often sleeping in the toad brigade.

Blue toad[edit]

Blue toad wears glasses and gives hints in the toad brigade.

Purple Toad[edit]

Purple toad delivers the Mail in the toad brigade.

Green toad[edit]

Green toad stores star bits in the toad brigade.