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Arizona's mascot since '22.

Arizona Iced Tea is the most popular tea-in-a-can product in the world. You see it everywhere in every single grocery store that you could find. Every time you enter the beverage aisle, there's that one person who grabs the recognizable, green can with that cherry tree in it. It is always right next to Snapple in the freezer, which is its sworn enemy since the very beginning. People thought Arizona was going to replace Snapple, but it could be possible. Another reason why it's considered popular is that it was, and still is, 99 cents a can, which equals to a dollar. Arizona Iced Tea is immune to inflation, which is why it is still the same price as it is. However, it's more expensive in Canada, though, albeit not by much.

While it does have its recognizable green tea flavor, it somehow managed to steal flavors from Snapple and getting away with stealing them. These include, but not limited to; lemon, raspberry, and peach. It also tried to copy their concepts, and they claim that they were the first company putting lemonade in a can, when they were most likely the second. Not only that, but they supposedly claim to have facts at the bottom of their cans. They're trying to appeal to a new generation by putting lots of cruft in it so that way people could get a pathetic laugh. But despite all's unlikely going to go away soon.

History[edit | edit source]

It's those pesky salespeople who were trying to steal from there...

In the year 2012, the governor of Arizona decided to hold a contest to celebrate the 100th anniversary of it becoming a state. That contest was to come up with the best product with the state's name on it, and the winner would become the official state product of Arizona. The winner of the contest was originally going to be a group of salespeople from Phoenix trying to sell rocks from the Grand Canyon, but they were immediately disqualified after they nearly destroyed parts of it. As they were rounded up to jail, two friends named Don and Jon from Tucson, who were second, accepted the prize. There, Arizona Iced Tea was born, and not only did it become the state drink of Arizona, but it became a bestseller in states outside of it. People have considered it to be the best thing since sliced bread, and as a result, Don and Jon would ultimately become millionaires overnight. It has also become the favorite drink of Arnold Palmer. Both friends were originally from Santa Fe, but they have forgotten that they used to live there. Since then, in 2022, 10 years after the company has been founded, they decided to hire some stock image guy out of some website and made him wear a costume shaped like an Arizona can and called him "Arizona Man", and he's everywhere. He beats up people for buying Snapple products. And he's even in your house.

Other drinks[edit | edit source]

Don and Jon would go and expand towards making other products other than iced tea. They started to create juice bottles to combat Snapple, and even copied its design while putting cruft at the bottom of the caps, which is actually similar to what Snapple does. They have also created energy drinks as well. Asides from that, they have also created their own blends of coffee as well. You could also buy drink mixes as well, which is similar to Kool-Aid. Both friends would make an alcoholic version of it, if you're drinking responsibly.

Snacks[edit | edit source]

So apparently, Arizona has their very own snack line. Not only were they creating drinks, but they created snacks too. Their first snack to be released is a microwavable nacho cheese snack tray. When it was launched, their website crashed because people wanted their hands on it. A similar thing happened in various grocery stores around the nation where they were looted. It has been sold out. It also has another variant, a salsa and chips one, and this time when it was launched, many grocery stores were boarded up. Thankfully, no one was injured. During the pandemic, they decided to create fruit snacks that are flavored like their signature green tea. It was pretty funky at first, but people got over it. The most popular flavor of these fruit snacks would be the sour lemonade ones.

Impact on the American beverage industry[edit | edit source]

Arizona Iced Tea has been considered by many consumers to be the greatest drink ever invented, according to a 2021 survey. It has been seen on many pictures tagged with "vaporwave" on Instagram, on Pinterest, and it even got a merch line of its own. It is popular with skaters, hipsters, Tumblr users, people who claim to be "aesthetic", faux-Japanese people, and more. Despite its origins being in Arizona, the most popular consumers are from New York. It also has more sales than Snapple there, and it is the only state that has this phenomenon going on. As of right now, it is the most cheapest drink of all time.

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