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Tools of the trade, the elements of the popular Drinking game "Tost!"

A Drinking game is one that is played while drunk (somewhere between the Drinking and Toast stages). Usually, the purpose of the game is to sample a wide variety of delicious alcohols. The Beauty of a game is that one is given an exciting, competitive environment in which to do so. The absolute best part is that no one becomes too drunk or loses clothing or dignity.

In order to play most drinking games, a few important things will be needed. The first of these is a hard alcohol and some shot glasses. These tools are necessary throughout all drinking games. After those are gathered, the remaining ingredients are usually various: cards, ping-pong balls, Oscar Wilde, a table, some money, some friends amd possibly one or two rubber chickens. (If you can acquire them, a few good jokes are also useful.)

Examples of Drinking Games[edit | edit source]

Beer Sausage[edit | edit source]

You see now, you've got yourself a cocktail sausage and what you go on do is place it in that chaps beers. Bing bong boop and robert's your fathers brother. (this section is largely irrelevant)

Circle of Heath[edit | edit source]

This is a play on Circle of Death, cleverly naming it after Heath Ledger, who found death on January 22, 2008. The rules are simple.

The cards of an ordinary deck are laid out to form a circle in the middle of no more than 15cm in radius or so that many cards are overlapping.
Going clock-wise from the dealer players take it in turns to extract a card from the circle and dependent on what card is drawn certain outcomes arise.

2 - Take two drinks.
3 - Take three drinks.
4 - Take four drinks.
5 - Everybody takes one drink.
6 - All men take one drinks.
7 - All women take one drink.
8 - The player nominates eight drinks to whoever they want or four to two people etc.
9 - Rhyme Time! The player says a sentence and a poem rhyming with that sentence must be constructed. If anyone cannot rhyme or use a rhyme that has already been said they drink.
10 - The Name Game! The player names a category and everyone else in turn has to name someone else in that category or else they drink.
Jack - Invent-a-rule. The player makes up a rule e.g. "no pointing allowed"
Queen - The Thumb Master's Card! The player becomes the thumb master. They place their thumb anywhere they want and the last person to place their thumb there drinks.
King - The Questions Masters Card! Whoever answers the question masters card must drink.
Ace - The Name Masters Card! At any time, the player with this card, may shout out a first name (like Tom or Jim) and everyone else must name a famous person with that name the last one to do so drinks.

Finally if the circle is broken, ie there is a break in the cards, the person who broke it must down their drink!

The Dentist's Chair[edit | edit source]

The aim of this game is simple: do not drown!

Materials Needed
  • 1 straight backed chair
  • 1 bottle of spirit (Jack Daniels, Malibu, vodka, Aftershock or Everclear are all wonderful choices)
  • 1 big burley mate

a random assortment of "friends" capable of shouting "CHUG CHUG CHUG"

Stage 1
someone is selected to be the victim they sit in the chair
Stage 2
the Nurse (ie the big burly guy, probably named Tank) restrains the Victim making sure the victim can't move their arms or back, this is usually accomplished by a bear hug from behind
Stage 3
The Dentist pours a steady stream of the chosen spirit down the victim's throat, the game continues until the victim drowns or breaks the nurse's hold.

I Never...[edit | edit source]

(a hilarious drinking game to be played with as many people as possible.)

all players sit in a circle around a bottle of strong spirit, everyone has their own shot glass, the players take turns to say something they've never done

e.g. "I've Never Drunk Alcohol" 

all those in the circle who have done this must knock back their drink (Warning: you don't have to tell the truth, just as long as you take a shot you havn't broken any rules!!!) this game allowes you to:

  • get drunk in a friendly environment
  • learn more about your so-called "friends"

Additional: the more drunk the players, the more forthcoming with their secrets!!!

Flip Over that Car![edit | edit source]

The aim is to drink and then flip over a car; it sounds simple but has many variations. It was made popular during Homecoming 2005 at Queen's University. Below are the most common rules of the game:

  1. You must drink beer in large quantities.
  2. Locate a car, and begin trying to flip it over.
  3. If you succeed, try and set it on fire! (optional)

Note: Safety is very important during this game, so make sure to gather a solid wall of people around the vehicle to prevent emergency workers from accessing the scene. This is easiest to accomplish after the conclusion of a major sporting event--Win, lose, or draw, people are dying to help play this fascinating game.

In order to get as many friends in the game as possible, consider running a beer bottle throwing competition at the same time. Assign points for hitting different objects (people, lamp posts, police officers, police vans, etc.) The person with the most points gets to light the car on fire!

Sink the Ship[edit | edit source]


  • Large bowl
  • Shotglass (or Eggcup)
  • Everyone has their own individual drink

The bowl is then filled half way up with a mixture of alcohol (beer, wine, spirits, alcopops, etc) and the shotglass placed in the bowl (floating; ready to be filled).

Each player, in turn pours a bit of their individual drink into the shot glass, the first peson to sink the glass, has to take a shot of the mixture.

The Danny Devito Drinking Game[edit | edit source]

This game is simple: watch a Danny Devito film (Twins is a good one), and every time Danny Devito is short, everyone drinks.

WARNING: This game might give you alcohol poisoning. Or so Captain Understatement tells me.

Hammer Fingers[edit | edit source]

The players sit in a circle. One player hits the hand of the player to his/her right with a hammer. If their fingers are broken, they drink. Popularized by an episode of Family Guy.

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