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Cruft is a term which describes a series of inside jokes, usually those with no redeeming value or very little of it. Cruft is generally condemned on the internet as useless and spammy. There are several different types of cruft, as described below.


2005 cruft[edit | edit source]

2005 cruft is a term invented by oscar wilde in 2000485778382 BC lol. it describes stuff written in the year 2005 by Oprah Winfery and Chuck Norris anywayz, oscar widlde and oprah invented it after having an arm wrestling match with Hitler and Mr. T. which lasted f 234993939399000290393929323203 yearzz and then oprah then turnd into a tree and pissd. and thazt is hwo 2005cruft came to be.

Quotecruft[edit | edit source]

“Quotecruft totally suxzors”

~ Oscar Wilde on Quotecruft

“It's when people write a bunch of completely useless quotes.”

~ Captain Obvious on Quotecruft

“In Soviet Russia, Quotecruft is highly overused on uncyclopedia, especially quotecruft in the form of shitty Russian Reversal quotes, YOU!!!!”

~ Russian Reversal on Quotecruft

“A well made sandwich is a happy sandwich.”

~ Unrelated Quotes Guy on Quotecruft

“I pity the foo who writes quotecruft, lol!!!!!!1”

~ Mr. T. on Quotecruft

“George Bush doesn't care about quotecruft!!!!!!1”

~ Kanye West on Quotecruft

Listcruft[edit | edit source]

Listcruft is a compulsive obsession with lists, and using them at every possible opportunity.

People who don't like listcruft include:

Vanitycruft[edit | edit source]

My teacher is a fucking fatty lol she weighs like 50000 pouns at least one time she bent over and her asshole showed and it was so gross lol. My friend laughed and the teacher said "what are you laughing at" and he said "nothing" and it was funny lol and then the next dayys she tript and it was funny!!!!!!!!!111 I have an aweomse goldfish his name is stanley and he's awesome and I totlly hear thim!!!! STEVE IS A FAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

Sexcruft[edit | edit source]

Sexcruft was invented during a mass orgy in 1838 when Oscar Wilde and a bunch of gays had a huge gay orgy and everyone got anally fisted and then they all orgasmed on each other and cum was everywhere and they swam in it and they all got blowjobs. Then some chicks showed up and got naked too and their boobs were showing and everyone raped them up the ass and there was bloody cum everywhere.

Memecruft[edit | edit source]

Memecruft is invented at OVER9000 BC When Chuck Norris Rickrolled A Bunch of grues and Mr.T, And Weegee Moved OVER 9000 Newfags' "Zig" For Great justice, Which lasted over 9000 Years!!!!111111In soviet Russia, Memecruft writes U!

Warcruft[edit | edit source]

Warcruft is a war which caused the end of the world in year 1337. It is caused by sannse and is led by <insert name here> and chuck norris.It eventually caused cthulu to destroy the world by using his dong to impale it. over 547985632956379265976795697436579365974367985623795623795678943265786578346759862437985643796578465798436579864379856437985643798659746593 people, gays, uncyclopedians and wikians died in this massacre.