The Birds and the Bees

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When a man loves a woman and she loves him back, they want to eventually express that with their bodies. I don't know how you're familiar with the female form but they have a thing called a vagina, and it like a socket. And then, what happens is, like, the man will insert the penis inside that socket, and babies come out. Once you're in, it's over in 10 minutes. And then, if she really loves you, then you could do it again.

Q from Impractical Jokers on Sex

What? No! The Birds and the Bees is a psychedelic rock band from the early 60s a story about nature. What the fuck is wrong with you!

The birds and bees story[edit]

You see children, the bird symbolizes a woman, aka: a horny slut. The bird, you see, parallels with the fact that the bird is the one that does a "female ovulation". The bee, on the other hand, is a man aka: a sex-machine. That, should you know, parallels with the knowledge of "male fertilization". So, it is all towards nature.

This would also make males "stinging pains-in-asses" and females "pets". Thus leads to the moral: Males are dicks and Females are houseslaves. Also, the child is impossible due to science, meaning: YOU'RE ADOPTED and the marriage is unrealistic, so that divorce is scientifically accurate.

And I have photos of it with the captions in a racist Jamaican accent.

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