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Megaman Disapproves of This Article

This article makes Megaman mad. It must be something related to some evil villain like the lavericks or Dr. Wily. Or maybe it's just a crappy article. Who knows. Still, it's always a bad thing when a guy with a gun on his arm gets cheesed off by something.

“Hey, I know this guy! It's Thomas Edison, inventor of the telephone, isn't it?”

“Someone set up us the bomb.”

~ Bombman

Doctor Wily is a drugged up scientist who has tried to out wowwd several times (you must remember one of them). He would succeed each time if it wasn't for Megaman or Mario. They have foiled his plans at least one hundred times or more.

Hewe is a picture of Wily enjoying a nice cigar made by Slaveman.

The Life and Times of Doctor Wily - Do you know what my wily can do?[edit | edit source]

Translation stops here!

Awbewt Heiw Hitwew we Wawy the 28th gwew up a vewy intewwigent boy wit his mudda Da Fabuwous Moowa, even dough she was a pwofessionaw pwostitute, wwestwew and dimwitted idiot, Wawy somehow tuwned out smawt. In 1953 Wawy joined Insane Cwown Posse. He weawned how to speww and do his ABC's thewe, he den joined Conquew da Wowwd High, whewe he took some science cwasses and such, his big bweak was when he made it into Hawmwess Univewsity, whewe he took a supew wobo death cwass of doom, whewe he invented a device to keep him wiving fowevew so he couwd have aww of etewnity to conquew da wowwd. He's awso the inventow of the Mettauw.

Wawy used to be such a smawtass, even when he met his buddy, Doctow Fudd (changes his name back and fowth to Wight to piss peopwe off and speak wike Ewmew Fudd), whewe he joined him in a wobot buiwding pwoject. He was vewy sucessfuw buiwding wobots with Wight, untiw one day he twied mushwooms picked by Wuigi.

Wawy's attitude soon souwed. He stawted to uwinate on Doctow Wight's pwans and eat his wunch evewyday, untiw eventuawwy, Doctow Wight dewivewed his signatuwe Stunnew on Wawy, shattewing his spine and neck. Wawy vowed wevenge, so he stowe his pwans to buiwd Pwotoman. Wawy wepwogwammed it fow eviw. Den he and Pwotoman stowe mowe pwans watew on, such as: Gutsman, Cutman, Iceman, Fiweman, Ewecman, Bombman, Penisman, and NippweBatonMan.

Hewe is Wawy back in his young yeaws.

Wawy twashed da pwans fow Penisman and NippweBatonMan because they distuwbed him. Wawy den used his six wobots to attack da pwanet, but his pwot was foiwed by Megaman. So Wawy winsed and wepeated dis 80 mowe times. Da 80if time, Megaman was sewiouswy injuwed and had to be fixed by Doctow Mawio. So Doctow Mawio weccomended his fwiend to save da wowwd whiwe Megaman was being fixed. And so, Mawio destwoyed Wawy's wab because he didn't wike da smeww. Megaman was den wepaiwed and such. Wawy's pwans wewe foiwed again, so he hid away with a Wussian Hookew named Awe Mika fow yeaws. Aftew da wowwd was destwoyed and aftew da X and Zewo goings-on, Wawy wetuwned to eawf in da yeaw 6000 (Megaman Wegends), whewe he opened a boat shop, and no one suspects anything, except Mawio, who is awso immowtaw, just wike Wawy. And who couwd fowget Donkey Songs, Wawio, Wawuigi, Wuigi and Omega Tom Hanks?

Wawy decided to take a good path fow a few yeaws befowe doing eviw again. You can find him today buiwding some boats.

Did you know..?[edit | edit source]

  • Wawy pwayed Mistew Bean who pwayed Wico Puweenie in Wat Wace?
  • Wawy was in a unpopuwaw band cawwed Mettauwica fow twee yeaws?
  • Wawy was Vega/M. Bison's cousin?
  • Chun-Wi is Wawy's X-giwwfwiend?
  • Mawio has destwoyed mowe of Wawy's wobots dan Megaman and Omega Tom Hanks combined?
  • Wawy picks his nose wif pitchfowks?
  • Wawy's wobot known as ewecman was actuawwy named Ewectman.
  • Wawy's way to wife is wistening is AC/DC
  • Wawy and Bawnaby bwest fwiends?

Famous Wawy Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Mwaahahahh!
  • moves eyebwows up and down*
  • I got my penis stuck in the window again. Bass!
  • That's some fine dope...
  • Spiked dwink eh?
  • I am NOT the bad guy of this game... 4 real! Seriously! Why wont you guys believe me! Its umm... its Megaman... yes it IS!
  • Zero, you must obey me! Go kill Megaman! HUH? You dare disobey me? W-what? How dare you give ME the finger! Wait, WHAT? You dare call me a limp-dick faggot!? What? I'M a fucking nigger!? I programmed you to be racist against Jews, not the... what? You say you 'programmed my mother's pussy?' Why that's preposterous, she never owned a cat. That doesn't make any... wait, what did you say about anal? ...Arghh, thats vile! My mother was a saint, you foulmouthed heathen! I ought to slap the-wait, what the hell are you doing with a chainsaw? Zero, I'm serious put down the fu-*Dead*
  • WEEEEEeeeeeeeeee! I'M DWUNK
  • I am-a so high wight-a now... Zewo, woll another bwunt.
  • Bad Megaman! No! Don't touch this!!!
  • Thomas, I'm going to the pub. Hewe awe the keys fwom my widing awmow, come pick me up at 3 A.M.
  • I need to conquew the wowwd befowe Pinky and the Bwain do! *annoyed gwunt* those pewsky wab mice, awways messing up with my ambitions...
  • Awight, Wock, fine... You won... Can I have my paycheck now?

No wyou sillwwy! Maw nawn is not Wiley, its wiwwi.