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Dr. X

Dr X.jpg
Dr. X in invisible mode, showing off one of his numerous powers.

Publisher WJU Saga
First appearance 1971
Created by Churchill Society, Wheeling
Real name Unknown name of Cissegaran origin
Status Inactive
Affiliations Council of Light, WJU Philosophy Department, Doctors of the Church
Previous affiliations Cissegarans
Notable aliases None
Notable relatives N/A
Notable powers Invisibility; flight; eye beams; mind-control; genius level intellect and expert in multiple fields

Dr. X was a professor and an active member of the Council of Light at Wheeling Jesuit University for many years until he felt compelled to answer a higher calling. He is currently attempting to achieve self-actualisation on a separate dimension. In 1171, his powers were recognised by the Catholic Church and he was given the title of Doctor of the Church.

Birth and Childhood[edit | edit source]

Dr. X was the brainchild of the Cissegara, a highly intelligent alien race that monitored humanity for thousands of years. The Cissegara were convinced that they could artificially create a human being that was so intelligent and so powerful that the rest of humanity would be helpless to stop him, at which point, they would terminate the programme and control Earth. And so it was - Dr. X was created in a laboratory high above the clouds and was sent down to Earth as a child. He was found by a farming couple and they raised him as their own.

Dr. X's brilliance was immediately evident. He was able to decipher languages with ease and move on to complicated mathematics and science while he was barely out of his diapers. Before enrolling in elementary school, Dr. X was tested to have an I.Q. of over 500. He was immediately upgraded on scholarship to the most exclusive school around, where he still felt bored by the slow pace of lecture. At the age of 8, he completed his first doctoral dissertation, "The Fabric of the Cosmos", which amazed and astounded the entire academic community. At age 9, he turned down multiple international prizes, including the Nobel prize and the Pulitzer prize.

In the end, Dr. X's perfection proved to be the Cissegara's outdoing. At age 12, Dr. X discovered the tiny alien implant in his brain. He utilised all of his psychic and magical energy to transport himself to the Cissegara Mother Ship, demanding an explanation. Sensing doubt at their project's success, the Cissegara attempted to terminate Dr. X - but he was too quick for them. The Cissegara were eliminated.

Adulthood[edit | edit source]

Upon returning to Earth and understanding fully the reason for his creation, Dr. X vowed to stop using his powers and instead intended to live a normal life. He began teaching at various universities and attempted to search for the human religion that most closely matched the truth of the universe; he eventually correctly selected Catholicism. He married and had three children. Soon after, Dr. X found himself taking up a teaching position at Wheeling Jesuit University in 1971.

Wheeling Jesuit University[edit | edit source]

No one knew about Dr. X's amazing powers when he joined the philosophy faculty at WJU. Students called him eccentric, among other things, but all were astounded by his crystal-clear knowledge of the inner workings of creation.

However, Dr. X sensed that something was amiss. He sensed that an evil power was growing, and that there was an insidious conspiracy being hatched. Unable to stand idle any longer, Dr. X joined the Council of Light, and dedicated himself and his powers to preserving justice on WJU.

Dr. X was very close friends with many of the faculty at WJU, but particularly fellow professor of philosophy Dr. M. During the M-Ron Saga, Dr. X defeated shapeshifters sent by Straw Man in order to recover the identity of the real Dr. M. Dr. M himself regards Dr. X as "among the finest men in the history of philosophy."

In an epic battle with ITS agents in The Benedum Room, Dr. X defeated thugs sent by his foes, but at a costly price - he discovered his one weakness, which turned out to be chocolate milk. Knowing that his enemies would use that against him, he left WJU suddenly.

Shortly after, in 2004, Dr. X decided that he needed more knowledge if he was to be able to help humanity. Thus, he embarked on a quest to ascend bodily to the Astral Plane, where he hoped to find the answers. Dr. X has not been heard from since; humanity anxiously awaits his return.

Powers[edit | edit source]

Dr. X's powers are almost too numerous to mention, but here is a selection of his most widely-used ones: he is capable of invisibility and flight, and, like John Paul II, is capable of shooting laser beams from his eyes. He is capable of teleportation, telekenesis, and telepathy. Additionally, his knowledge of philosophy, theology, and languages cannot be overstated. He is just that damn smart. Unlike the Action Man character of the bald-but-with-a-ponytail shifty-eyed variety. You know the one.

Dr. X in Literature[edit | edit source]

Dr. X is one of the many celebrated victims of the Lundian purges. His story is chronicled in Moore's Booke of Academicke Martyres, and his miraculous escape profiled in that volume serves as a beacon of hope to the substantial undergound movement. It also demonstrates his immense power and invulnerability. In reformist eschatology, Dr. X serves as the gatekeeper to supreme knowledge. His eventual return to campus will herald the apocalypse.

Other Members of the Council of Light[edit | edit source]