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Computer Error
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A computer error occurs if you use Windows too much. Including the god forsaken Vista and ERROR 404. The founder of errors was ERROR! and has infamously become the staple of Windows. Every release (except 7.) is usually an unstable build of Windows. Therefore, it will crash after starting setup, your computer's gonna crash to test out the Blue Screen of Death.

The BSOD during setup.

But in rare cases (Unless you're using the beta version of Windows Vista ) your computer is gonna have a problem starting up. This will trigger a new form of a BSOD called the Red Screen of Death. If you encounter this error, you're computer is pretty much trashed.

The only known boot error that is not in Vista.

Leading you to buy a new computer that is hopefully not Windows Vista or Windows ME. By a statement from Microsoft's founder and CEO, Bill Gates has officially stated this quote.

We will not do anything about the errors. They are a main staple of Windows and we will not do anything. Fuck the customers. The customer is always wrong.

Bill Gates on answering questions about when will Windows be stable again.

With that said, It seems like Microsoft isn't even gonna try to fix them. The only effort they will be doing is making really unstable errors more unstable than Windows Vista with a bunch of viruses.

error loading heading[edit]

Sorry, the webpage has to be cut off due to an unexpected error that caused the webpage to crash.

If you're on Internet Explorer, fire a shotgun at your computer till it starts working.

If you're on firefox, burn down your house and kill any foxes along the way. No survivors.

If you're using Google Chrome, check to make sure if your computer is chrome plated. Its bad for chrome.

If you're using Opera, make sure you're using a virtual machine.

If you're using Netscape (somehow), go to your nearest shoe shop and purchase a cheeseburger and a coke.

If you're using Safari, please complain this to Apple because you're not using Windows.

If none of these work, then pour milk into the router/modem then put salt in it. It will definitely work.

If that doesn't work, contact your administrator. like he will do anything.