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Sniggers (original)

“Hey look! It's Sniggers!”

~ WHATEVER YOU DO DO NOT SAY THAT if you are white!

Sniggers is a controversial spinoff of the popular candy bar Snickers. Unlike its popular counterpart, this one was targeted to black people albeit the offensive name pun. The candy bar has added nutrition to it and has several vitamins in it. Vitamin Z+ is the healthiest vitamin it contains because it makes people more athletic.


Many white people who have gone to sporting events were trying to give their black friends a Sniggers bar. But due to the offensive candy bar name, many white sportaphiliacs disguised the candy bar labels as "SNICKERS with vitamins". When black people tried these out, they thought they were so good despite the offensive name. When they discovered they were called "SNIGGERS", they blacked out!!!

This product has been renamed to "Snickers plus" so that black people would be less offended in the future. As this gained popularity, many black people became athletes in the Detroit area.