LeBron James Jr.

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  • LeBron James Jr.
Lebron II surprised.jpg
Bronny is surprised at how much he sucks!
Occupation Basketball player
Years active 2023–present

LeBron Raymone "Bronny" James Jr. (born October 6, 2004), known professionally as LeBrick II, is an American professional basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He amazes basketball fans with his athleticism – except when (1) the game is on the line, or (2) the season is on the line – and with his commitment to his hometown of Cleveland (except when an even bigger paycheck is on the line).

The eldest son of LeBron James Sr., he was drafted 1st overall in 2023 by the Cavaliers.

Birth[edit | edit source]

Go ask his father.

College[edit | edit source]

He doesn't need to go to College, if you think he need to go to College, his father will fuck you to the Tire.

Darling of the NBA[edit | edit source]

His first Season just the 21st Season of his father.

His tattoos[edit | edit source]

My father is LeBron James Sr. I am LeBron James Jr.

Style of play[edit | edit source]

Following Russell Westbrook, you should to be know how style of his play.

LeBron pwned by Lin[edit | edit source]

LeBron's perennial duel with Jeremy Lin is summarized by Lin consistently dominating and embarrassing LeBron. Lin wins never, but LeBron instead relishes taking his team deep into the playoffs, regardless of its inability to win the key game. Likewise, LeBron enjoys winning the MVP award year after year, while Lin settles for the relatively minor award for MVP of the fucker leagues, which Lin's team wins and LeBron's team rarely reaches.

LeBron pwned by Crawford[edit | edit source]

LeBron's Uncyclopedia article, despite treating him with kid gloves, admits that his amateur censorship "courted controversy". Fortunately for gate receipts, neither this nor any of the other controversies LeBron courted went all the way.

Cleveland pwned by LeBron[edit | edit source]

Cleveland wanted to pwned the all of the father and son. This is why.

Pwnage on the ridings[edit | edit source]

LeBron James Sr. had Timofey Mozgov, LeBron James Jr. had Deandre Ayton, this is why.

Championship and legacy[edit | edit source]

Following his father, it is so easy. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Movie career[edit | edit source]

Following his father, it is no problem. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

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