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How I Met Your Mother is a non fictional documentary created by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, hosted by Bob Saget, and starring two kids (one possibly being an italian wizard from another family who runs a sub shop), as they are held hostage and forced to hear the story of how Saget, who goes by the name Ted Mosby, met his late wife Tracy (played by that girl who was also in that Star Trek parody episode of Black Mirror). The story is seen in re-enactments, with younger Ted being played by some dude named Josh Radnor, as he lives in New York with his best friend Marhsall (played by Jason Segel), Barney (otherwise known as the blonde and live action Glenn Quagmire, played by Neil Patrick Harris), Marhsall's fiancee (and eventually, after season two) wife Lily (played by Alyson Hannigan), and Robin Scherbatsky, a canadian news anchor who was Ted's first love (and apparently side chick, as he comes crawling back to her after his wife dies; she is played by America's sweetheart Cobie Smulders).


The documentary, presented as a situational comedy for some reason, is from the year 2030: our host, Bob Saget, or Ted Mosby, presents to these two poor kids the story of how he met his wife in painful detail...and relies on reenactments that are supposed to take place from 2005-2013. The documentary shows Ted trying to find love, and features subplots of his friends getting into some sort of wacky situation. The documentary is nine seasons long, and the ninth season chronicles Barney and Robin preparing for their wedding: this is where Ted is supposed to meet his wife, as Tracy plays bass for the wedding's band.

The Finale[edit]

The final episode, which is an hour long, is basically Saget (or Bays and Thomas) deciding [t]he[y] had enough of the show, and destroy everything that was built up from the beginning of the show. Barney and Robin get divorced after a seasons worth of preparing for their wedding; Robin mourns over Ted, who has found, had kids with, and married the love of his life. This causes her to go full-Hulk. Robin kills the mother in an attempt to have Ted, even though Ted is already happy. So, in 2024, Robin hatches a plan to kill Tracy, and acts on it (the official reasoning is claimed to be related to an illness). This leads to Ted, feeling remorse; Robin then brainwashes Ted to fall back in love with her, and forces him to marry her.

Reactions to the Finale[edit]

The ending, which showed Ted outside Robin's apartment holding up a blue french horn (romantic, right?), and implying they were getting back together, led to fans calling out Bays and Thomas for making the worst final season and final episode in history. The creator's only supporters were the creators of Game of Thrones, who decided to follow in their footsteps. However, Bays admitted that, since this was a documentary, it all came from the mind of Saget (who kept claiming that he was Ted Mosby); Bays revealed that Saget fibbed about what happened to his wife, and got him to come in and remake the ending, where Saget revealed the truth: that his wife, Tracy, was alive all along, and that she never became ill.


Aside from the ninth season, everyone praised the show for its humor and storytelling. Time Magazine said that "(Saget) has a real knack for telling his life's story!", to which Saget sued TIME, saying that he was actually Ted Mosby.

Saget won an award for best method acting, beating out Jim Carrey in literally every role he's ever done.

Guest Stars[edit]

The documentary has had many guest stars for the re-enactments. The crew got Walter White from Breaking Bad to play Ted's boss; White only agreed to play if he could sell his drugs on set. Other guest stars include Saul Goodman, Patrick Star, Chris Elliott, Kim Kardashian for some reason, Britney Spears, Do you ever feel like a plastic bag girl, Wayne Brady, Hamilton himself, Lord Farquaad, the REAL Karate Kid, the New Jersey kid who claims to be a Karate kid, despite only training for like a week, Sheriff Dangle of the Reno Sheriff's Department, and many other famous character actors. These guest stars were even more surprising then when Frank Oz appeared in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (that's a true fact!).