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Users that speak Furry, possibly because they are furry or were raised by furries.

  • 0 User does not understand this language, and thinks furries are weird.
  • 1 User has basic understanding of Furspeak.
  • 2 User has intermediate understanding of Furryness.
  • 3 User is advanced in the ways of Fur.
  • 4 User has near-native understanding of the Furry tongue.
  • N User is a native speaker of Furry.
  • A User speaks this language only while in a fursuit.
  • E User learned this language at a furry convention and never used it since.
  • F User got an yiFf in this language.
  • G User wants to remove Furry - and the entire furry fandom - from existence.
  • L User has a muzzle, which affects how they speak this language.
  • P User is a profane speaker of Furry (or perhaps someone just stood on their tail).
  • X User only speaks this language enough to participate in TinySex.

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