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The Great Seal of The Spoon and Fork Club

Most famous and most mysterious of Yale University's many secret societies, the Spoon and Fork Club was founded on February 12, 1832 by Mark J. Malo when he was denied membership in all the other societies, fraternities, and sororities at Yale, possibly due to the fact that he was never a student there.

For a number of years, the club languished with Mr. Malo being the sole member. Malo attempted to create a number of club rituals and traditions, such as the "one man circle jerk", but these failed to catch on, although Malo continued to practice them in private. Finally, ten years after the founding of the club, it began to catch on amongst the progeny of prominent families in both the Northeast and the Midwest, when a second member joined. This person, a monkey, is said to be plotting to take over the organisation is happy with the current leadership.

The 7SFC meets daily at the Harkness Tower, and prospective members are encouraged to bring a jar of their favourite sandwich spread. Thus far meat and green spreads are reserved.

The club operates under a strict dyarchy system, however following expression of interests from every use of Wikipedia this system may implode.

Ye Customes[edit | edit source]

  • 'E's are the new black.
  • It doesn't matter if its small. People with big ones don't matter anyway.
  • One man circle (circum) jerks.
  • Two-legged races.

Ye Famouse Memberes[edit | edit source]

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