It doesn't matter what your answer is as long as you feel good about it

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Annie was very emotional when she finally told her teacher what had been troubling her for all that time.
It doesn't matter what your answer is.

Following recent developments in education, you no longer have to worry about giving the correct answer, cause from now on it doesn't matter what your answer is, as long as you feel good about it.

After a young girl, Annie Adkins, back then bullied by other students for being "the teacher's pet", chose to answer her teacher's question with "Screw you! I'm not going to answer any more of your stupid questions! All the other students hate me, cause I'm always giving the right answers! They probably know the right answers too, but either they're too nervous or they intentionally give the wrong answer, cause your questions are ridiculous! Why should the answer matter anyway? How you feel about it, that's what's really important!", the school immediately introduced the policy, by the inspirational name "It doesn't matter what your answer is as long as you feel good about it".

Today Annie's message has spread around the world, only a minority of mad scientists and religious people with fundamentally wrong beliefs still refuse to follow it. Many philosophers have praised the message for allowing normal people to become scientists (consequentially making science a lot less mad and much easier to understand for the general public) and for professing tolerance and acceptance, thus making life a lot less hard and cruel. The majority of scientists have noted that since at a quantum level all numbers are equal to zero, one, or whatever number you pick, it really doesn't matter what your answer is, making mathematics rather easy, as any kind of complex calculation would be completely useless.

Philosophical revelations

After using this method for doing philosophical research, astounding results were made in various branches:

First question Answer Following question Answer Conclusion
What is the meaning of life? Love. And how has that worked out for you so far? Well, I've had to say goodbye to many people I loved. I guess I would kinda like the love to be forever... What, you can give me eternal love? But, I'll have to be your little sex slave? I'll do it! Now make love to me baby!... Others are very important in life. Our happiness depends on how we interact with others. Eventhough one may seek refuge in the bodily pleasures, this can only cloud one's mind to the meaninglessness of one's life, but never remove it. Not that such pleasures should be forsaken, but they may never be preferred above a more meaningful happiness. Others may give meaning to one's life by loving, idolizing and respecting you, as this shows how they acknowledge and cherish your existence.
Happiness, but it has to feel meaningful, not like that cheap crap you can get at the mall. And what would be necessary to realize this "meaningful happiness"? You know, society'd have to be more thoughtful of individual human beings, and people'd have to be more friendly, acceptant, agreeable, so you can have better, more meaningful relationships.
Candy. And why'd you say that? Cause it's yummy?
I guess a life can be meaningful if you can make it meaningful the way you want to. So it's about being able to choose the way you wanna live your life? Yeah, and people should respect the choices you make in life, and acknowledge your right to make your own choices.
Being better than everyone else. That may be, but wouldn't people dislike you if you'd express that sentiment in public? You've got a point there. Maybe it's more like trying to be the kind of person people idolize, so you'd never have to say that you're better than others cause they already know it.
What is the intrinsic nature of reality? Love, it's all love, baby. But how about hate? Well, so maybe hate is the self-denial of reality. But it's still about feelings. Though the true essence of reality may elude us, it seems clear that reality is governed by spontaneous forces, constantly changing. Because of their spontaneous nature, such forces may be compared to feelings, emotions. Since the best way to know reality is by direct experience, it is only natural to say perceptions are closer to the essence of reality than any communication of language could ever be.
I'd say deep down, reality is all these different types of sensations. And what of ideas? I think an idea is something like a "sensation" of logic or inspiration.
Candy? Do you mean that reality is like a collection of all these different flavours of candy? Um... Yes, that's exactly what I mean!
I guess it's something like "information", though I'm not sure that's really the right word for it. But wouldn't this essence of reality have to be perceived before we can say anything informative about it? Well yes, I think if one could perceive this essence, it would be much easier to understand, than if we try to describe it with mere words. So "information" may not be the best word, as information is always derived from perception in real life.
I think reality is all about transforming possibilities into reality. So reality is constantly changing, evolving? I guess it comes down to that, though I don't really know where it is going.
Does God exist? I honestly don't know. But how can love be meaningful if it is not something divine? Maybe we do need some divine entity to give meaning to our feelings and to existence itself. For reality to have a purpose, it must be there for a reason. Everything must happen for a reason. God, as the origin of all that exists, is the source of that purpose. The reason for one's existence is to strive for that purpose. And that purpose is to maximize one's divinity. But that which is divine is that which is desirable in the ultimate end of all existence. Reality is still incomplete, and it is up to us to make it complete, through perfecting a world that was created by an apparently imperfect God. Thus we are destined to become God's equals.
God? What is God? What do you think God could be? Well if we'd define God as the personality of the whole of reality, then he'd be a real ass, or just incredibly stupid.
Candy? So God exists as the essence of candy? Yes, definitely.
Well, there needs to be something that transcends our existence in this universe, but whether it's appropriate to call this entity God I'm not sure. But why should there be something like that? Because I really can't imagine the universe just appearing out of absolute non-existence. It must have 'developed' from somekind of über-essence, something that has always existed.
To become a God is the ultimate purpose of our existence. So we should strive to rule over reality... Is that even possible? Until reality proves me wrong, I'm just going to assume it is.

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