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iPod Nano 200gb Instructions

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iPod nano 200 GB Instructions

September 23, 2005


PCs & HowTo

Wow 200 GB of music on your Nano. Battery life is a bit reduced however.
iPod nano.

The iPod nano is a great testament to clean engineering, design, and efficiency in a portable device. However, Apple failed to consider that the available storage capacity is very small! UncycloMedia Commons has released this guide to installing additional storage on your iPod nano brand device. It might be a good idea to set aside a good two to three hours to installing this addon, but it's pretty easy to perform, as long as you know what you're doing.

Before you Start

Before you get started, you're going to need the following components, easily orderable online.

(1) iPod nano 2 GB model, white.
(1) Soldering iron
(1) Silver non rosin core solder
(1) Phillips screwdriver
(1) RAIDMAX IDE interface controller, model 323RS-0
(1) Maxtor Diamond Plus 9 200 GB IDE 3.5" HD
(1) Rounded IDE Cable
(1) Brain to figure out power consumption

Note that this set of instructions will not work with the black version. Be sure to ask your retailer which model you are receiving prior to shipment. As well as not working with the black version, this will also not work with the 4 GB version so check the version and space before performing any modification to the iPod.

Note that the 200 GB capacity enables you to store about 50,000 pieces of music. If this capacity is filled with illegal "warez" mp3s, you can be fined up to 75,000 USD. (204,800 megabytes, 4 megabytes per song, 10 songs per CD, average CD price illegally fixed at 15 USD)

This is not covered by the warranty. (please read the Electronic Universal Language Association for more information regarding this.)

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