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The Freemasons were the first society to put an eye inside a triangle, place everything on a pyramid and call it their symbol.

The Freemasons or The Free and Accepted Masons were a society of bricklayers, founded in 14th century. Their initial purpose was to share their discontent at the job, which consisted in climbing high ladders, falling off scaffolding, putting up crooked windows and getting their heads stuck in quick-drying cement. Throughout the history, the society changed entirely and is nowadays a gentleman club, which anyone can join and whose principal interests are organizing charity dinners and discussing their role in politics.

A very common myth about Freemasons states that this society wants to gain full control of the Earth and the Universe. Nevertheless, it is only a myth, as it confuses the means and the goal, as for The Free and Accepted Masons, dominating the world is just a way (and far from the only one) of rendering their political discussions more passionate.

Freemasons and secret societies[edit | edit source]

Freemasons are not a secret gentleman club, rather a gentleman club with secrets. The secrets are diverse and help to liven up rituals and dinners that different Masonic Lodges organize. These secret aspects of an otherwise very transparent organization range from secret handshakes, that are currently being appropriated by the police in many different countries, to various secret words, such as "Boaz", "Shibboleth", "Jachin" and "Tubalcain". Oh, and "Mahabone".

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