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“It was made ... because I'm just a boy with a dream.”

~ Soulja Boy on the Soulja Console

The SouljaGame was a revolutionary gaming console which was released in 2018 and discontinued in 2024. Despite competition from Nintendo (owned by Bowser at the time), who attempted to discredit Soulja Boy's personally manufactured technology with false claims of trademark infringement, it became the highest-selling console of 2018 and 2019, having over 9 billion sales.

Development[edit | edit source]

The idea of the SouljaGame first began in 2008, when Soulja Boy's debut single Crank That was released. One morning, after ordering Kentucky Fried Chicken for breakfast, he heard about the food company attempting to revitalize the Kentuckistan Fundamentalist Chickens by infusing their chickens with technology. He immediately went home and began contacting all the Hollywood executives, telling them that he had an idea. However, he was spied on by Nintendo, who was not letting the American rapper try to compromise their hyper-monopoly on gaming. Luckily, Soulja Boy knew about this and famously said the phrase, "You better crank that Soulja Boy or it'll crank you", which caused Nintendo to flee for 10 years. Immediately after that, development began.

In 2017, Soulja Boy done a tour in Kyoto, where Nintendo's board of directors cried due to how good the music was. When he was about to leave the stage, he saw the investors go near him and apologize for all the things they done. Soulja Boy accepted the apology and asked for access for his console to have Nintendo IP. They accepted. However, when Soulja Boy released it on the 11th of September 2017, Bowser temporarily took over Nintendo headquarters.

Reception[edit | edit source]

Initially, reception was overwhelmingly negative due to Bowser paying redditors and critics to bash it. He also threatened popular YouTubers who reviewed products at the time to bash it as well. But when Bowser was deposed on September 13, they were finally free to review it. By September 20, around 5 million consoles were sold for the low, low price of $199. However, Bowser threatened to sue Soulja Boy on September 22, calling him white and nerdy, also saying that he knew about Soulja Boy, an African-American, choosing not to take cocaine, which was a grave offense at the time. Luckily Bowser backed down the next day.

The console was so successful, it was added to the Hall of Fame on January 6, 2021 by Donald Trump. It has made Soulja Boy the first African-American billionaire to resist the temptation to do drag. On April 10, 2024 at 1:00 pm, Soulja Boy announced that he would stop making the SouljaGame as he was getting tired of manually making the console by his own. He said that the designs of the console would be relinquished to the public domain the next day, allowing people to make their own SouljaGame.

Sequel[edit | edit source]

  • In late 2019, Soulja Boy offered to buy the rights of the PlayStation Vita from Sony, who only requested that he rename it to avoid criticism. Later that year, he released the console, dubbed Project Asylum, in Salvation Army and Goodwill stores. However, these consoles failed to get any sales, forcing Soulja Boy to cancel them the next month.
  • On August 2021, Soulja Boy announced that he had acquired Atari for around $150 million [1] He claimed that he was making a new console. However, when they threatened to re-release E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial a few days later, he announced that he would spinoff the company.

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