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Did you mean: PlayStation?

“The PolyStation. The company which made this is an absolute retard deserves some slack since it's so good.”

~ Anonymous reviewer

“This console is the son of the Atari 2600 and Nintendo Entertainment System.”

~ High dude on Reddit
Anyone who says that the console is a bootleg is clearly lying!

The PolyStation, also known as the PikaGame and the Pika Boy, is a Chinese console which was accused of being a bootleg of the the original Playstation. As these accusations were baseless, they are no longer sold in America and Japan, instead being sold in third world nations that no one cares about. Released sometime before 9-11, the Polystation has some of the best games in the world, which are easily played in their revolutionary console.[1]

Reviews[edit | edit source]

  • Prestigious YouTube reviewer TwitterMan287 noted that the console had "lots of controller options" and that it had "the most advanced sharpshooter", which means that you should buy it now. Their review can be found here.
  • In a Reddit post seen here, Amanda Brynes herself stated that "this one better, much better", referring to how good the console is.
  • A CNET article in April 2007 applauded the logo, stating that it's a nice touch, so now you know to buy it now![2]

Aren't these all out of context?[edit | edit source]

Context is useless in this situation, you coward. If you dared to try to illegitimize the features of an American console, it wouldn't matter. Why do YOU care about illegitemizing Chinese technology, you racist...bigot...person...Ok! Fine! The console is a blatant bootleg, so what? Just buy it already.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. As long as it is played on PAL; Due to the baseless accusations, it refuses to play in the United States or Japan.
  2. Playstation vs Polystation, April 20, 2007. CNET