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Heaven on Earth 2021 is a 2021 party thrown by Satan, the Prince of Darkness. It is a Sweet Sixteen party for Satan's current boyfriend, Bob Einstein. Satan has met Einstein in Heaven immediately following Einstein's death in 2019, and following Satan's ascending to Heaven a year before that. Heaven on Earth 2021 is also a throwback to the Hell on Earth 2006 party, in which Satan has celebrated his own Sweet Sixteen, and has learned how to become less self-centered. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the party will take place in Uncyclopedia's mainspace, and will require no wristbands for marking people who were vaccinated.

Heaven on Earth 2021 has been planned as a parody on COVID parties, which are an urban legend about people who throw parties in order to help COVID spread even quicker. So each partygoer is obliged to wear a costume of an urban legend. If you come to the party, which basically means reading this article, you must come as an urban legend. Just reading this article isn't enough, because that means BEING an urban legend (people are reading Uncyclopedia), as opposed of WEARING an urban legend costume.

Heaven on Earth 2021 is about to begin now. This party requires a laptop with 125% view and no fucking smartphones. Please get rid of any vaccine-wristband you might be wearing, and get in:

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Hot celebrities[edit | edit source]

Lemmy had no urban legend costume on, so he couldn't get in.

HoE21 has ALL kinds of cool celebrities from Heaven. In addition to Bob Einstein & Satan, you might meet Chris Cornell dressed as Bigfoot, George Michael as the Golem and Wikipedia as coronavirus.

Wait, what? What was that? Say it again. Wikipedia is dead? And lives in Heaven? Are you kidding me? When did THAT happen?

Yeah, so Bob tells me that Wikipedia is dead for about 3 years now. It's funny because Wikipedia has always had this list of recent deaths on the main page which made them look like the Angel of Death's Facebook account. What the hell? How did it die? And how the fuck did it get to Heaven?

Oh, so this hot chick tells me that Wikipedia had an Uncyclopedia page so it allowed it to go to Heaven when it died. And also Wikipedia had a brain stroke when the pandemic started, because no one cares anymore about the list of recent deaths, because everyone just cares about their friends & family & E from Eels catching the virus, so they don't go to Wikipedia anymore, so they have like a really lame traffic & shit.

OK, I see Charlie Chaplin approaching now, he's dressed like Elvis, that's hilarious! But this guy could be dressed like Fred Durst's rectum and it would still be funny. No David Bowie yet though. I hope he makes it for the cake.

Bowie cake[edit | edit source]

Oh Jesus! David Bowie IS the cake! What the fuck? Who came up with THAT idea? Was it you, Bob?? I knew it!! Thank you so much!! Look, David Bowie's dick is all covered with Belgian chocolate and his ass is glazed with some white stuff too! Man, I hope it's not too soon. He's been dead for like four years now.

Yeah it WAS too soon, so sorry about that, I'm leaving the party. Bob will take care of you from now on. Sorry again, too excited I guess.

Bob[edit | edit source]

Guess what? I forgive you Satan! Come back here, you bitch!

Thanx Bob!!

Boy[edit | edit source]

Is this party off THE HOOK or what? I mean, look at how many fucking redlinks we have here! Even Israel can't stop this party now! We're gonna spread this shit AROUND THE WORLD!!

Bob[edit | edit source]

Satan, that was not cool. You shouldn't throw parties to spread COVID quicker. I'm leaving you.

Dude remember when you left Larry David? That's how you got here in the first place. And I'm not spreading COVID, I'm just making a parody. If someone is throwing a party to spread COVID quicker, then he's no better than a filthy death-spreading Wikipedian.

*Bob kisses Satan*[edit | edit source]

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