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Black cocks are thought to be a little larger than white cocks.

Cocks are birds that can grow to be about 10 inches long, unless they have been enhanced, in which case they can reach up to 20 inches. Normally a cock will either breed with hens or fight other cocks.

Appearance and Habits

When a cock begins its life it is about 1-2 inches long, wears a helmet, and has no feathers, although fuzziness has been reported by many cock breeders. Oftentimes breeders will permanently remove the helmet soon after birth. It will not start to grow feathers until it reaches puberty. Many people enjoy playing with a cock before it reaches puberty, however, PETA was able to get this practice outlawed, for it is considered inhuman treatment of a cock. After puberty a cock will look considerably different, for instance the adult cock will be about 10 times larger than a baby cock, plus it will have grown feathers all over. In addition to the difference in appearance between a baby and adult cock, there is a big difference in the habits they exhibit. When a cock is a baby one cannot tell whether this cock would be knocking up all the hens it can find when it's older or whether it would rather wrestle other cocks. Only when a cock begins puberty will it start to exhibit these tendencies, sometimes the cock would prefer both. They also tend to get larger and more reddish when it comes time to fight or breed or both at the same time.

A cock could never grow to be this large.

How do cocks fight?

Before the fight, cocks are usually equipped with the best cock fighting material. Short but sharp pieces of metal are usually placed on the Cock's pecker (otherwise known as its beak). The cock would then enter the ring and try and stab or jizz its opponent to death. At least this is usually the case, on some occasions the two cocks are known to get very affectionate with each other thus making the sport uncompetitive. In some places, the people who came to watch the cock fights would get their money back, in other "clubs" one would have to pay extra if you want to see the cocks become affectionate.

Many cocks have hidden talents.

Cock Lovers in Sports

There are several sporting organizations around the world who have lots of love for the cock. The supporters and players of these teams also love cock to a tremendous extent.

Cock-sucking is a famous sport in Vietnam.
  • Tottenham Hotspur Badge.png Tottenham Hotspur F.C. (UK)
  • USCGamecocks.png University of South Carolina (USA)
  • Le nouveau logo FFF.png French National Soccer Team
  • Blue hens logo.gif University of Delaware (USA)
  • 2453.gif Coastal Carolina University (USA)
  • JSUcocks.gif Jacksonville State University (USA)
  • 251px-Denizlispor.svg.png Denizlispor (Turkey)

The Franchise

The previous Red Rooster logo, it was also known as the big red cock

Approximately 70 years ago, on Christmas day (the day Jesus gave birth), a family company named their new

Black cocks are the favourites of women.

Franchise "Red Cock". They made small but filling dishes, designed conveniently for eating on the go, containing succulent pieces of cock. However, for unknown reasons, they changed their brand name from "Red Cock" to "Red Rooster". Even though the reasons are unknown, business has been exceptional for them ever since the name change. They have also started attracting families.


It is highly illegal to be in possession of this picture.
  • Cockfighting (cockwrestling) is compulsory in some places (mostly southern US states and certain English seaside towns).
  • If you own a full grown cock it is illegal to show it to anyone who owns a baby cock or a kitten (baby pussy).
  • It is a felony to take, download, watch, or own pictures or videos of baby cocks.
  • The owner of a cat (pussy) or beaver can press charges if you force your cock on them.
  • If you own a full grown cock or pussy it is illegal to play with a baby cock (even though Michael Jackson likes to).


If your cock is too sick to stand like this one it may be too late to save it, but just in case call your vet.

It is very important to keep your cock out of situations where it can get sick or get you sick. Some of these include cockwrestling (which can give you and your cock AIDS), messing with random pussies without a rubber raincoat. Just letting your cock out without your supervision in general can be very dangerous, because there is no telling what kind of trouble your cock can get you and itself into.

List of illnesses

  • The Clap
  • The Pox (However, only green cocks are susceptible.)
  • Flu
  • AIDS
  • Herpes
  • Cock-on-Fire disease
  • Fire-spitting cock

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