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"Yeah, what?"

You there with the mop was the guy who swept your floors and your mother. A well known phillopherseer-type thingy, he continues to produce great pieces of music even at the type when his country and himself was getting raped by little men with tiny hats and silly voices.

Life and Times[edit | edit source]

If you look at Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's house of birth in Salzburg, in the German Reich, you will see a sign pointing to the main street. If you find the signs to the Airport, board a flight to Heathrow, UK, then take a train to Edinburgh. Wander around a bit (try their deep fried Mars bar, no?) and then board a ferry to Norway. Go to Capital City and look for a shady man with a deerskin hat and sunglasses. Go up to him and say 'the rooftops of the Afghan homes are speckly brown with sand'. He will then take you to an alleyway and show you a house. This house, in this very house was the birthplace of You there with the mop.

You there with the mop was born on the 31st of January, 1874. He took up arms for his country in the First World War, and then took up Paficism at the Danish Front. He discovered his skills with a mop whilst mopping up his wife.

This is where he quit his job as the Vietcong in the 60s and began to sweep the floors of the Prussian Embassey set up in Canada by the President of the United States, George W Bush. He swept there to his day of death, while working as a secret cleaning agent.

He died on the 25th December, 2001.

People on you there with the mop[edit | edit source]

“ Hey, you there with the mop ”

~ Wilde on You there with the mop

“We will fight him on the beaches, we will fight him on the sea, we shall fight him on the floor, we'll obviously surrender ”

~ Churchill on You there with the mop