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“He's dirty”

~ Captain Obvious on So-And-So

So-And-So is possibly the world's most well-known person, even though (s)he's a loser that does not have ANY friends. AND (s)he doesn't have any family member that loves him/her.

Gender[edit | edit source]

An artist's depiction of So-And-So. Damn (s)he's ugly. No wonder (s)he doesn't have any friends.

Because everyone just refers So-And-So as So-And-So, no one really knows So-And-So's gender. Shit, if we don't even know his/her gender, who would???

Relationships[edit | edit source]

So-And-So has been in many, many relationships, but it always lasted about a week. This is because (s)he was TOO F***ING NICE. Too, TOO nice and that it became irritating. Like agreeing to every single thing and appearing as if not having his/her own thought. AWWWW THAT'S ANOIN'


  • At the mall: So-And-So's Lover - "Hey, do you think this shirt matches me well?"So-And-So - "Y....Yeah, it matches you very well."
  • At the drive-in burger shop - So-And-So's Lover - "What do you want to eat, So-And-So?"So-And-So - "Well, whatever you want to eat.........."
  • At the movies: So-And-So's lover - "OHHHHHHHH THIS MOVIE'S GREAAAAAAT"So-And-So - ".......hmr? W Wait huh this movie's good I mean this movie is good!! I think it's good too"
  • When banging eachother - So-And-So's lover - "OHHHHHH THIS FEEELS GOOOOOOOD"So-And-So - "......hmr? W Wait what huh you feel goodimeanthisfeelsgood!!!? Oh okay I feel good too"


Natural Habitat[edit | edit source]

So-And-So's natural school habitat is usually the class' quiet corner, where the nerdy asians, the Anime self-proclaimedmanga-kas and the dorky white fat basement-dweller's clog up together. (S)He tries to be the alpha (fe-)male in the corner, but before (s)he can say anything, the retards say retarded comments that doesn't make any retarded sense like "ROFLROFLROFL", "Your answer's wrong. How can you possibly get that wrong????? I learned that University level super math 10 years ago in Kumon" and "I want to kill myself." That poor bastard. (S)He might not have any friends/family that loves him/her, but (s)he's still HUMAN!!!! Or maybe not.

After graduating school, his/her natural habitat will be shifted from the quiet corner to McDonald's, because (s)he can't find a better job that will suit his/her annoying quietness.

Mating[edit | edit source]

Until recently, scientists believed that So-And-So's just simply find the opposite sex So-And-So, and mate. But this was proved wrong by a biologist because he stated that there were only one So-And-So (from the fact that he has only heard ONE So-And-So before in his entire life), so he newly stated that So-And-So creates a offspring by duplicating. But since they just duplicate, they will still have their host's characteristics, thus leading up to the fact that the offspring So-And-So will still be a no-life loser.

Fun Facts[edit | edit source]

Did you know, that....

  • So-And-So appears in Harry Potter, but instead goes by the name You-Know-Who?
  • So-And-So secretly has a dangerous stalky crush on you?
  • Your big sister BANGS everybody, including So-And-So??
  • That So-And-So is actually This person???