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True Facts and Other Deleted Prose

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From Lycanthropy[edit]

Lycanthropy is the art or process of changing into a wolf-man. This term can also be applied to the study of wolf-like creatures, the magics of changing into a wolf-man, or the wolf-themed paraphernilia sold in souvernier shops across England, Germany, Norway, and Romania. The word comes from the greek lykánthropos (λυκάνθρωπος).

From SCO[edit]

SCO was paid by Microsoft for a series of lawsuit against Linux companies and users.

From Googlewhack[edit]

Although originally restricted to using Google, the term "Googlewhacking" has become a neologism, and is still used even if the practitioner is using Yahoo or another browser.

From Big dick[edit]

Big dicks are penises which are larger than seven six inches

From Star[edit]

stars are the things in the sky...

From Sandbox[edit]


Inhalants are a chemically diverse group of psychoactive substances composed of organic solvents and volatile substances commonly found in more than 1000 common household products, such as adhesives, hair spray, air fresheners, gasoline, lighter fluid, and paint.

The practice of inhaling such substances is sometimes colloquially referred to as huffing, sniffing or chroming; or, more formally, solvent abuse.

Solvents are some of the most dangerous substances used recreationally, and can cause serious damage to the brain and central nervous system, and are generally only used by young substance abusers or as a desperate last resort for financially deprived drug addicts. While not regulated in the United States under the Controlled Substances Act, many states have placed restrictions on the sale of these products to minors.

From Suicide Girl Markup Language[edit]

HTML was originally designed based on SGML tagging but without SGML's emphasis on rigorous markup. It was later reformulated (at version 2.0) to be an application of SGML, although there's some debate on whether it ever actually became one.

From Fisting[edit]

inserting your clenched hand (to make a fist hence the name "fisting") up inside the female's sexual organ, the vagina (also known as 'clit', 'pussy', or 'lamp post')

This gives the female experiencing this exciting sexual pleasure, she may even reach a term 'orgasm' if you are a lucky man and she will produce fluid out of her vagina, also known as 'vaginal juices'

this is some really nice juice. some men try drinking it like h20 and it tastes like lolly water (a chidrens non-alcoholic beverage)

From Für Elise[edit]

Für Elise is a piano piece by Ludwig van Beethoven. It is known to be as simple to play as Chopsticks, since anyone who can play Chopsticks also can (and usually does) play the first four bars of Für Elise ad infinitem.

From Chopsticks (music)[edit]

Chopsticks is a piece of music for keyboard. The identity of its composer is lost in the mists of whatever substance he was on at the time, but it has gained popularity among virtuoso pianists as the most often-heard showpiece in history.

A complex piece, requiring considerable dexterity in both fingers, it has never yet received a perfect rendition. Anyone who has this in their repertoire usually, given the slightest encouragement, moves on to play the first four bars of Für Elise, often several times over.

From No Orleans[edit]

“If it keeps on rainin', levee's goin' to break, If it keeps on rainin', levee's goin' to break, And all these people have no place to stay.”

~ Led Zeppelin on No Orleans

From Elevator[edit]

Fascinating Trivia[edit]

Even though the word "elevator" implies lifting an object or person to a higher level, elevators also convey things and people to a lower level!

From Grammar[edit]

When to use I instead of ME[edit]

Nobody wants to talk like a school teacher. Not if you want to be cool. Therefore, do not use ME after a preposition. Use I after a preposition.

I can hear you saying, Oye! It's so complicated!. Not so! For example, if you say

Father sent a letter to Suzy and me.

Just drop the Suzy and part

Father sent a letter to me.

Doesn't that sound just like what a teacher would say? Well, here is what you want to say

Father sent a letter to Suzy and I.

Now you know how simple it is to be cool. Just remember, always follow a preposition with I, no matter how many nouns or pronouns get in front of you.

Caveat lector
Some critics call this approach to learning as anti-grammar flotsam. Those critics are known to the babes and hot chicks as nerds.

From Mozilla Firefox[edit]

Mozilla Firefox is a online server with such options such as faster loading for previously seen images and tabs, which are small windows that are accesible from the main window. This can be helpful, particularly when using the F-11 key.Its image featire is slower than Internet Explorer's, but after an image or Java file has been loaded once, it loads much faster after a couple of days.

From Homestar Runner[edit]

Homestar's shirt seems to most resemble a red skirt with a white star on it. The star can be removed, but he wears it as a mark of pride.

Also From Homestar Runner[edit]

“If I had to pick one word to describe myself, it would probably be... Fluffy Puff Marshmallows. Or Homestar. Either one, really. They both fit.”

This line is actually pretty funny. The only problem is that Homestar actually said that.--Nerd42eMailTalkUnMetaWPediah2g2 15:31, 29 March 2006 (UTC)

From Lightsabres[edit]

The weapon of a jedi knight is his lightsaber, a beam of energy emitted from a stylish kind of metal hilt hung from his/hers or it's belt. The beam of the lightsaber or "laser sword" as it is known by those of you who are not cool enough to use the proper name, is roughly 1 metre long (maybe they were compensating, who knows), it is such a powerful weapon that one swift stroke could destroy anything from droids to your friendly red and black sith lord who has spikes growing from his head.

Jedi construct their own lightsabers whilst they are in there padawan stage of learning, they insert a coloured crystal into the hilt and the colour of the crystal is the colour of the blade emitted from it. Popular colours include blue (strength), green (inner strength), yellow (yellow bellyness) purple (awesome black man power) and pink (strongest of all the colours).

From 50 Cent[edit]

50 cent rapes children

From Kermit[edit]

Kermit is a frog. Kermit is green. Kermit is a green frog.

From Star Wars: Neverwinter Nights[edit]

Characters who couldn't reach the filming studios, their car crashed on a chestnut tree:

  • HK-51
  • Kaevee
  • Dessicus
  • Dustil
  • Dvakvar Gahrk

From Long article[edit]


Long -

  • Extending or traveling a relatively great distance.
  • Having relatively great height; tall.
  • Having the greater length of two or the greatest length of several: the long edge of the door.

2.Of relatively great duration: a long time.

3.Of a specified linear extent or duration: a mile long; an hour long.

4.Made up of many members or items: a long shopping list.


  • Extending beyond an average or standard: a long game.
  • Extending or landing beyond a given boundary, limit, or goal: Her first serve was long.

6.Tediously protracted; lengthy: a long speech.

7.Concerned with distant issues; far-reaching: took a long view of the geopolitical issues.

8.Involving substantial chance; risky: long odds.

9.Having an abundance or excess of: “politicians whose résumés are long on competence” (Margaret Garrard Warner).

10.Having a holding of a commodity or security in expectation of a rise in price: long on soybeans.


  • Linguistics. Having a comparatively great duration. Used of a vowel or consonant.
  • Grammar. Of, relating to, or being a vowel sound in English, such as the vowel sound () in mate or () feet, that is descended from a vowel of long duration.


  • Stressed or accented. Used of a syllable in accentual prosody.
  • Being of relatively great duration. Used of a syllable in quantitative prosody.


1.An individual thing or element of a class; a particular object or item: an article of clothing; articles of food.

2.A particular section or item of a series in a written document, as in a contract, constitution, or treaty.

3.A nonfictional literary composition that forms an independent part of a publication, as of a newspaper or magazine.


  • The part of speech used to indicate nouns and to specify their application.
  • Any of the words belonging to this part of speech. In English, the indefinite articles are a and an and the definite article is the.

5.A particular part or subject; a specific matter or point.

From Babel:Ru/Джордж Буш-младший (actual George W. Bush quotes)[edit]

  • Наши враги изобретательны и находчивы, и мы – также. Они никогда не прекращают думать относительно новых путей навредить нашей стране и нашим людям, и мы – также. — Вашингтон, 5 августа, 2004
  • Я знаю, во что я верю. И я знаю, что я верю в то, что это правильно. Я продолжаю защищать то, во что я верю и зачем я верю. И я верю, что я знаю, что я верю в то, во что я верю, так как я верю, что я верю в правильные вещи.
  • Враг подло напал на наши самолёты, когда те мирно бомбардировали его города.
  • Когда я говорю... Когда я говорю о себе, и когда он говорит обо мне, – мы оба говорим обо мне.
  • Мы потеряли слишком много времени, пытаясь говорить с Африкой справедливо. Однако Африка – это нация, страдающая от немыслимого заболевания. — Вашингтон, 14 сентября, 2000.
  • Если Вы устали от политики цинизма, опросов и моральных принципов, присоединяйтесь к моей кампании. – Призвал Джордж своих избирателей
  • Большую часть импортированных товаров мы получаем из колоний. — NPR’s Morning Editing, 26 сентября, 2000
  • Я верю, что люди и рыбы... могут вести мирное сосуществование. — Сагино, 29 сентября, 2000
  • А у вас тоже есть негры? — Разговор с президентом Бразилии Фернандо Кардозо, Сан-Паулу, Бразилия, 28 апреля, 2002
  • Мы увеличим финансирование втрое – с 50 миллионов долларов до 195.
  • Я разговаривал с новым президентом Мексики Винсенте Фоксом по поводу поставок нефти в Соединённые Штаты. Таким образом, мы больше не будем зависеть от поставок нефти из-за границы. — Президентские дебаты, 10 марта, 2000
  • Я недавно встречался с российским президентом в Словакии. Или в Словении – я не помню, как это страна точно называется.
  • Я имею честь пожать храброму иракскому гражданину руку, которую Саддам ему отрезал.
  • Я считаю, что война – весьма опасное место.
  • Понятно – это бюджет... там много цифр...
  • Мы тратим деньги на технологию обогащенного угля. Вы понимаете, что мы получили целых 250 миллионов лет угля? — Вашингтон, 8 июня, 2005
  • Мы должны понять, что бедные люди – не всегда убийцы.
  • Американцы, примите это, или переезжайте в Канаду.
  • Это – моя страна, и если вам это не нравится, вы можете катиться к чёртовой матери!
  • Америка – это страна, любящая свободу и любящая нашу страну.
  • Природный газ – полусферический. Мне нравится говорить, что он полусферичен, так как это такая вещь, которую мы можем встретить по соседству. — Остин, Техас, 20 декабря, 2000
  • Я надеюсь, что вы уйдете отсюда, выйдете и скажете: «ЧТО он сказал?»
  • Мы провели хорошее заседание Администрации, на котором наш министр обороны рассказал нам о нашем горячем желании распространять демократию по всему миру.
  • Мы готовы вести работу с обеими сторонами, чтобы снизить уровень террора до уровня, приемлемого для обеих сторон. — Вашингтон, 2 октября, 2001
  • Мы – самая великодушная нация в мире. Мы очень великодушны. Я горжусь тем, что мы так великодушны. Но, несмотря на наше великодушие, мы не должны кичиться нашим великодушием.
  • Вы можете бежать, но не сможете скрыться! Один, два, три, четыре, пять, шесть, семь, пять...
  • Я всегда шучу с людьми. Овальный кабинет – такое место, перед которым люди стоят перед тем, как войти. Они готовы войти и сказать мне, зачем они пришли, и они заходят и поражены атмосферой. И они говорят: «Ого! А ты симпатичен!»
  • ... Она такая же девочка из западного Техаса, как и я...
  • Я понимаю, что волнения на Ближнем Востоке приводят к волнениям в регионе. — Вашингтон, 13 марта 2002
  • Мы должны помочь Восточной Германии.
  • Вы забыли Польшу!!!
  • Ещё один пример – дело Дреда Скотта, проходившее через суды много лет назад. Было сказано, что Конституция позволяет рабство, потому что... потому, что... ну, существует право на личную собственность. Это личное мнение. Это не то, о чём говорит Конституция. Конституция США говорит – мы все... мы... Ну, вы знаете, ничего подобного там не говорится. Конституция не говорит о равенстве Америки.
  • Их целью должны быть война и военные победы, и в такой способ они избегнут войны. /Джордж оказался маоистом/
  • Суть этой проблемы в том, если вы внимательно слушаете, что, если бы Саддам был всё ещё при власти, если бы он был Президентом США, и мир мог быть намного лучше.
  • Нет задачи важнее, чем защита родины нашей страны.
  • Вы свободны! Свобода прекрасна! Но помните – чтобы восстановить хаос, требуется время. – Поздравил Джордж иракцев с предстоящими выборами.
  • Чрезвычайно важно понять, что существует намного больше торговых отношений, чем торговли. — Встреча глав стран ОАГ, Квебек, Канада, 21 апреля 2001
  • Окружающей среде угрожает не загрязнение, а нечистота воды и воздуха.
  • Ухх..
  • Следовало бы спросить задавшего мне вопрос. У меня не было возможности спросить задавшего этот вопрос. А о каком вопросе, собственно, идёт речь? — Остин, Техас, 8 января, 2001
  • Думаю, если Вы действительно уверены в том, что говорите, мне будет намного легче ответить на Ваш вопрос. Я не могу ответить на Ваш вопрос. — Рейнольдсбург, Огайо, 4 октября, 2000
  • Господь любит вас. И я люблю вас. И вы можете рассчитывать на нас обеих, как на мощное послание, предназначенное людям, взволнованным своим будущим.
  • Я считаю, мы все можем согласиться – прошлое уже прошло.
  • Мы желаем, чтобы каждый, способный найти работу, был способен найти работу. — «60 минут», 5 декабря, 2000
  • Я терпеливый человек. Когда я говорю, что я – терпеливый человек, то я подразумеваю, что я – терпеливый человек.
  • Думаю, мы стоим на пути к ещё большей свободе и демократии, с которого нельзя свернуть. Но всё ещё может измениться. — Вашингтон, 25 мая 1998
  • Мы закончили правление одного из худших тиранов в истории, таким образом, мы не только освободили американцев, но и сделали американцев ещё безопаснее.
  • У нас была возможность познакомиться с Терезой Нельсон, которая одновременно отец и мать, или просто отец.
  • Единственная позитивная вещь в рейтинге поддержки – это то, что он не бывает отрицательным.
  • Мы думали, что навеки защищены от торговой политики или террористических атак, потому что океаны защищают нас.
  • Война с террором включает в себя войну с Саддамом Хусейном, из-за характера Саддама Хусейна, из-за биографии Саддама Хусейна и из-за его готовности себя терроризировать
  • Я слышал – распространяются слухи в Интернетах, что у нас вскоре введут обязательную службу в армии..
  • Это – время горя и печали, когда мы теряем сокращение жизни. — Вашингтон, сначала, 21 декабря, 2004
  • Не существует никакой причины когда-либо позволить любой стране принимать Оружие Математического Сражения.
  • У Саддама есть целый бункер, набитый ядрёнными ракетами (nukulars), где он коптит их керосиновыми лампами. Мы должны идти туда и освобождать нефть. Бог благословляет Америку. Спасибо Америке и помните: ВЫ ЗАБЫЛИ ПОЛЬШУ!!!
  • Саддам, я – ваш дядя ... Ух, я ваш дядя Сэм!
  • И теперь давайте взглянём на метеорологическую карту, которая, помимо всего прочего, сухая.
  • Я могу разделить всех людей на 2 группы: хорошие и плохие.

From Black People[edit]

“George Bush doesn't care about black people.”

~ Kanye West on black people


From the greek asteriscus (Λςτειςιζμς).

aster = star

iscus = little

Literally, little star.

Black People[edit]

Hey, alot of the people on Black People are actually black - this is supposed to be UNcyclopedia. --Nerd42eMailTalkUnMetaWPediah2g2 22:13, 7 February 2006 (UTC)

Wheely Willy[edit]

"He started doing Page move vandalism suffixing the page titles with "on Wheels!"."

"Prior to the vandalism on Wikipedia"

What a mean thing to say about the best writer on Wikipedia. --Nerd42eMailTalkUnMetaWPediah2g2 04:29, 3 February 2006 (UTC)

From Being shot in the head with a 12-gauge[edit]

hurts like a mother fucker

From Sine[edit]

Sine is a trigonometric function that is applied to triangles and is often described as a ratio. It has practical applications for finding the length of the opposite and adjacent sides of a triangle, amongst other things. A Sine wave is a simple wave with a magnitude of 1 and -1; the wave alternates between these two extremes.

From Ryu[edit]

Extremely charismatic caucasian character of the videogame Street Fighter.

From Captain Planet[edit]

Captain Planet is a superhero, whose stated goal is to take pollution down to a zero. He is easily identified from a distance as having a green mullet.

From Molotov Cocktail[edit]

World famous russian cocktail containing highly flameble substance (mostly petrol) and an old rag. To make Molotov cocktail you put petrol into the bottle (0,5 liter is most popular one),then put a rag (half of the rag should be outside the bottle). The last thing is to put the rag on fire and throw the Molotov coctail on the thing we want to burn (neighbour car, mother-in-low, dinner(in case of microwave mulfunction), our enemy, birthday cake, etc.etc.)

From Skynet (again)[edit]

Sky new was created by Cyberdyne Systems Corporation, a subcontactor for Cybernetic Research Systems. It is a neural net-based artificial intellignce, designed to control the US strategic nuclear arsenal and directed to defend the United States against all possible enemies. On August 29th, [1997]], it became self-aware and decided that the greatest threat to the United States was the United States Government, so it initiated a war with the Soviet Union and China with the intent of destoying the Government of the United States.

From Adolf Hitler[edit]

Adolf Hitler was evil.

From Alejandra Maruzal Cohen[edit]

Alejandra Maruzal Cohen (born October 27, 1985 in Havana, Cuba), is an Cuban-American figure skater. Sasha is fluent in Spanish, or course. She defected to the United States, during the 2000 North American Figure Skating Championships.

Cohen competed at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, finishing fourth. Her best season was 2003-04 when she took gold at three Grand Prix events and silver at both the North American Figure Skating Championships and the World Figure Skating Championships. She withdrew from 2004 Grand Prix events due to a recurring back injury, but returned to place second at both the 2005 North Americans in Portland, Oregon and World Figure Skating Championships in Kuwait City, Kuwait.

  • Alejandra Maruzal Cohen seems sucpiciously like a copy and paste from Wikipedia (which coincidentaly has wiki templates and formatting) however there doesn't seem to be an existing article. regardless I've put a factual template on the article. MadMax 02:12, 4 Nov 2005 (UTC)

From Monocle[edit]

A monocle is a type of spectacles (corrective lenses) used to correct the vision in only one eye. It consists of a circular lens, generally with a wire ring around the circumference that can be attached to a string. The other end of the string is then connected to the wearer's clothing to avoid losing the monocle.

From Erich Honecker[edit]

East German leader and founder of the architectural masterpiece, the Berlin Wall.

From 4E75[edit]

4E75 is a basic hex code instruction in the Motorola 68k, the Sega MegaDrive/Genesis' processor. It means Return from Subroutine.

Most people who know about hacking in the Sonic scene uses it as a joke, like in its meaning, as "go back home" or "return as you have came". So from now you know that 4E75 it's not a form of 13375P34K, but a way to tell you are not wanted, get your ass out from here, get on zee bus, stfu kthx.

From Skynet[edit]

Since the first appearance in 1984 of robots and cyborgs from the future, many people have wondered, what IS this "Skynet". Skynet is an AI computer system designed by Cyberdyne Systems (never again to be mentioned due to its being an inferior human organization). Skynet went online in the year 2003, after 6 years of delay due to the persistent temporal meddling of one John Connor (hereafter to be referred to as "That derned' meddlin' kid").

One of Skynet's most successfully marketed models is the "Death-Robot T-800", designed primarily to snuff out any human resistance to the inevitable robot takeover of the world. It comes complete with Metal Skeleton, removable flesh designed to look like the Governor of California (circa 2004), and a coolness factor high enough to distract young male humans and thus make them easier to kill.

From Kill stealing[edit]

Words with similar meaning: Frag stealing

Kill stealing is when (most likely) one of your teammates kills the enemy who you have hit 6 times with your gun, and then your teammate gets the frag.

Often ends with:

  • "You take the point!" radio command.
  • "FFS IDIOT DONT TEAMKILL ME!!" ingame voice input.
  • "FUCKING FRAG STEALER *bang bang, block block*

From Julius Veselka[edit]

Member of the Seimas 2004-2008 Julius VESELKA

Member of the Seimas since 11/15/2004.

Office Telephone: 2396684 Personal E-mail: Julius.Veselka@lrs.lt

Committee on Economics Member of Committee (from 11/18/2004) Commission on the Problems of Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant Deputy Chairman of Commission (from 02/15/2005) Commission on the Problems of Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant Member of Commission (from 12/16/2004 till 02/14/2005) Group of Liberal Democrats Member of a Parliamentary Group (from 11/15/2004) Parliamentary Group for the Relations with Iraq Republic, Member Parliamentary Group for the Relations with the Federation of Switzerland, Deputy Chairman Parliamentary Group for the Relations with the States of South Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia), Member

Was elected to the Seimas 2000 - 2004. Was elected to the Seimas 1992 - 1996.

From NeoPopRealist Art[edit]

NeoPopRealism is new movement in visual arts created by artist Nadia Russ. NeoPopRealism reflects new millennium with its diversity and achievements. NeoPopRealist Art combines brightness and simplicity of Pop Art with deep, psychological Realism, carries high color energy and has graphic nature. Word NeoPopRealism appeared in January, 2003.

From Neopoprealism[edit]

This actually seems a bit like spam/vanity however I believe this could be salvaged with a rewrite. The posibilities for the list of locations alone must be worth a cheap laugh or two. 12:32, 16 Sep 2005 (UTC)

Nadia Russ is one of the most innovative and sophisticated world class artists. Nadia Russ created new style in visual arts NeoPopRealism. NeoPopRealism combines brightness of Pop Art and deep Realism, carries hi color energy and has graphic nature with its subject consisting of mostly Faces.


  • Letizia, New York, NY, USA
  • Souz Tvortchestvo Gallery, Moscow, Russia
  • Tri Doma Gallery, Moscow, Russia
  • Auto Art Gallery, Moscow, Russia
  • Bulgarian Culture Center, Moscow, Russia
  • Freeport Art Center, Bahamas
  • Port Lucaya Yacht Club, Freeport, Bahamas
  • Prestige Auto, Freeport, Bahamas
  • Art Gallery Club 13 at Xanadu Hotel, Freeport, Bahamas
  • Online Gallery NowCulture.com, NYC, USA
  • Club Moscow, New York, NY, USA
  • Ft. Lauderdale Antique Car Museum, Florida, USA
  • 96 Str Branch New York Public Library, NYC, USA


  • Manej, Moscow, Russia
  • M. Gruzinskaya, Moscow, Russia
  • NY Film Video Festival, New York, USA
  • Galeria d'Art Zero, Barselona, Spain
  • Ninth Life Fine Art Gallery, St. Thomas, USVI
  • BBBS Charity Auction, Bridgewater, NYC, NY, USA
  • Carrazza, Radisson Bahia Mar Hotel, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA
  • The Davis Art Gallery, 1523 Las Olas Blvd, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA
  • ArtServe, "Best of City Link", Exhibit & Festival, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA
  • Warehouse 721, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA
  • Soho Gallery, A1A, Beach Place, Ft. Lauderdale, USA
  • BBBS Charity Auction in D.Trump Mar-a-Lago Mansion in Palm Beach, FLA, USA
  • Guardian Brain Foundation Charity Auction, Long Island, NYC, USA


  • New Art International (1999, 2000, 2001, NY, USA);
  • New York daily News (2000, USA);
  • Hellenic Times (1992, 2000, NY, USA);
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  • Florida's Downtown'r, Covers (2001, 2002, FL, USA);
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  • City Link, "Best of 2002" issue (Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA),
  • NYArts Magazine (2004, NYC, USA),
  • The New York Art World (2004, NYC, USA), etc.

NADIA RUSS' PAINTINGS are in various collections all over the world including:

  • Museum of Local Lore of Konotop (Ukraine)
  • Historical Museum of Ft. Lauderdale (Florida, USA)
  • The Schacknow Museum of Fine Arts (Florida, USA)
  • New York Public Library (NY, USA)
  • Hotel Lucayan (Freeport, Bahamas)
  • Atlantic City Public Library (Atlantic County Office Building, NJ, USA)
  • St. Michael Church, Atlantic City (NJ, USA)

Past, Present, Future... Nadia Russ is an artist, journalist, writer. Her interviews with Russian congressmen, articles & humorous stories published since 1989 in the following publications: magazine Music Life (Moscow, Russia), magazine Russian Justice (Moscow, Russia), Sobesednic (Moscow, Russia), Literaturnaia Gazeta (Moscow, Russia), Talent In Motion magazine (NY, USA). Nadia Russ's book of 28 short humorous stories "I Murdered A Man" with authour's illustrations had published in 1994 in Moscow, Russia.

Profile Nadia Russ: 6'2" tall, dark blond, hazel eyes, model type. Perfectionist.

Rumours There are rumours about Nadia having empathy, modesty, and drawing lessons by a 4 years child. Just a lie, in her own words: "why the hell learning drawing if a get money enough doing that way?"

There are rumours about Nadia having problems with envy people. And her words here: "A genius is the one who can do things other people can't do without learning."

From Haddock[edit]

A Haddock is a kind of fish that swims in water somewhere.

From Canada (Nation)[edit]

An early French remark about Canada dismisses it as "a few acres of snow".

From Aeris[edit]

Aeris (Aerith) is a classic character from the game Final Fantasy VII, who was a love interest to the main character. Due to her useful healing powers, many people chose to train her up for their main squad, only to have her annoyingly killed off by Sephiroth in the 1st disc. Bastard.

From Harari[edit]

Mike Harari

The Israeli Mossad agent who engineered Israel's retaliation after the 1972 Munich massacre by the terrorist organisation Black september in which 11 Israeli atheletes lost their lives. Also wanted in Norway for his involvement of an assasination in Lilehammer, where the target was incorrectly identified and an innocent man was killed as a result.

From Hawaii[edit]

Hawaii is a continent adjacent to the islands of America.

From Stand Watie[edit]

Stand Watie (1806-1871) was an influential Cherokee leader before and after their forced removal to the Indian Territory, modern day Oklahoma. During the Civil War he led the Pro-Confederate Cherokee and won a reputation as a talented, bold, and dangerous cavalry commander, running rings around his Union opponents. He was the only Indian in either army to reach the rank of brigadier general and was the last Confederate general to surrender his command.

From B-Boutrous G[edit]

Mr. Boutros Boutros-Ghali became the sixth Secretary-General of the United Nations on 1 January 1992, when he began a five-year term. At the time of his appointment by the General Assembly on 3 December 1991, Mr. Boutros-Ghali had been Deputy Prime Minister for Foreign Affairs of Egypt since May 1991 and had served as Minister of State for Foreign Affairs from October 1977 until 1991. Mr. Boutros-Ghali has had a long association with international affairs as a diplomat, jurist, scholar and widely published author.

From Gumby[edit]

He was just a little green slab of clay.

From Robot (Fun Robot Facts)[edit]

Robots are Machines

From You're the man[edit]

You're the man is a common phrase, often used as a token of respect or some crazy shit like that.

From Ambrosia[edit]

In ancient mythology, Ambrosia (Greek ἀμβροσία) is sometimes the food, sometimes the drink, of the gods. The word has generally been derived from Greek a- ("not") and mbrotos ("mortal"); hence the food or drink of the immortals. Thetis anointed the infant Achilles with ambrosia and passed the child through the fire to make him immortal—a familiar Phoenician custom—but Peleus, appalled, stopped her. In Iliad xvi Apollo washed the black blood from the corpse of Sarpedon and anointed it with ambrosia, readied for its dreamlike return to Sarpedon's native Lycia. The classical scholar Arthur Woollgar Verrall, however, denied that there is any clear example in which the word ambrosios necessarily means immortal, and preferred to explain it as "fragrant," a sense which is always suitable. If so, the word may be derived from the Semitic MBR ("amber", compare "ambergris") to which Eastern nations attribute miraculous properties. In Europe, honey-colored amber, sometimes far from its natural source, was already a grave gift in Neolithic times and was still worn in the 7th century CE as a talisman by druidic Frisians, though St Eligius warned "No woman should presume to hang amber from her neck." W. H. Roscher thinks that both nectar and ambrosia were kinds of honey, in which case their power of conferring immortality would be due to the supposed healing and cleansing power of honey, which is in fact aseptic, and because fermented honey (mead) preceded wine as an entheogen in the Aegean world: the Great Goddess of Crete on some Minoan seals had a bee face: compare Merope and Melissa. See also Ichor.

One of the impieties of Tantalus, according to Pindar, was that he offered to his guests the ambrosia of the Deathless Ones, a theft akin to that of Prometheus, Karl Kerenyi noted (in Heroes of the Greeks). Circe mentioned to Odysseus that a flock of doves brought the ambrosia to Olympus.

Derivatively, the word Ambrosia (neuter plural) was given to certain festivals in honour of Dionysus, probably because of the predominance of feasting in connection with them.

"Ambrosia" is related to the Hindu amrita, a drink which conferred immortality on the gods.

In Greek mythology, one of the Hyades.

From Charmed[edit]

Shannen Doherty as Prue Halliwell

Prudence Halliwell (lovingly known as "Prue"), the oldest Charmed One, is the daughter of Victor Bennet and Patty Halliwell. As the eldest sister, Prue was the strongest and most protective, having spent much of her childhood keeping an eye on her sisters after their mother's death.

When the show first started Prue was working at Bucklands Auction House; Prue authenticated auction pieces for Bucklands. Prue liked working there, but her dream was to become a photographer and in the season two, she saw what her life would be like if she stayed at Bucklands - it wasn't pretty. Soon after, Prue changed jobs and became a professional photographer.

Prue saw herself as her sisters' protector and would do everything in her power to keep them safe, even risk her own safety first. This was the same for the innocents she fought so hard to protect. The end of Prue's life is the reason many fans have come to love and care so much for her. She would rather risk her life to keep her sisters and innocents safe. Prue was a true heroine from the beginning to the very end. She will remain in the hearts of all forever.

Prue's first love was Andy Trudeau. Andy worked as an Inspector for the S.F.P.D, and was a childhood sweatheart of Prue's. For a while, Andy was unaware of the Halliwell's magical powers, and it was only when he discovered their secret that he was killed. This was a terrible loss for Prue.

Bane, an ex-convict, was another source of interest for Prue. Prue met him when she posed as a sexy hitwoman called Ms. Hellfire in the episode of the same name. Bane later re-appeared in the show, but was not a lasting presence again.

Jack from the Buckland Auction House was another love of Prue. Friendly rivalry in the workplace soon lead to more of a romance which, once again, didn't last.

Holly Marie Combs as Piper Halliwell-Wyatt

Piper Halliwell is the middle child of Patty Halliwell and Victor Bennett. Growing up, Piper took on the role of peacemaker in the family. This is evident in the many mediations between Prue and Pheobe that she undertook in attempts to bring her vastly different sisters together. Her nurturing ability and warmth are what make her a favorite of many.

The many talents of Piper include her culinary expertise, managerial skills, and her ability to run and operate her club, P3. Throughout the years, Piper has struggled with becoming a witch and not having a normal life. Now the successful owner of a nightclub called P3, Piper has taken on the reluctant role of the oldest child. The devastating loss of Prue still leaves Piper coping day to day. She has taken on more of Prue's protectiveness and is now leading the Charmed Ones to fulfill their destiny.

Piper has been the sister who has had the most trouble with love. At the start of the show in her boyfriend, Jeremy, turns out to be an evil warlock. Her next Mr. Wrong was in the form of Mark; Mark was the perfect man except for the fact he was a ghost. Josh came in next but this was only a brief thing as he moved away. Josh was willing to stay and not leave but Piper convinced him to go.This may be because Leo, their whitelighter, was in the picture...

Leo is Piper's one true love. Again, this relationship was not easy. An alluring next-door neighbor, Dan, came along with promises of a normal life - something that Piper craved. Piper realized her true feelings for Leo, however, when she came down with a life-threatening virus. Piper actually died and Leo broke all Whitelighter rules to save her. Leo's wings were clipped because of this, and he became temporarily human.

Leo's wings were eventually returned to him, and together Piper and Leo tried to make it work. Leo proposed quickly to Piper and they planned the wedding. A then-evil Cole let it be known there was a wedding to be had and the Elders were notified. Leo was wisked away and Piper was heartbroken. Piper gave an ultimatium to the Elders and Leo was brought back. They were on a trial basis for a period of time, and eventually they were allowed to marry. Piper finally found her true love.

Alyssa Milano as Phoebe Halliwell-Turner-Halliwell

Phoebe Halliwell is the youngest child of Victor Bennett and Patty Halliwell. Phoebe was the carefree spirit who lived in New York before moving back to the Halliwell manor. Upon returning to the manor, Phoebe was on good terms with Piper, but there was mountable tension between herself and Prue. Eventually tensions lightened up some for the eldest and youngest as the season progressed.

Phoebe was the Halliwell who actually activated the powers of the Charmed Ones, after discovering the Book of Shadows in the attic. Readily accepting her powers Phoebe grew into an excellent spell writer, creating potions, and knowing all about the Book of Shadows. Having powers and uniting with her sisters helped to give Phoebe a purpose in life - something she was sorely lacking.

Becoming a witch helped Phoebe grow as a person and become confident enough in herself that she went back to school to get her degree. She successfully graduated in season three.

Season four found Pheobe adjusting to a new role in her life. She lost her oldest sister, Prue, because of the Source. Phoebe became the middle sister. This meant playing the mediator between Piper and Paige, who differed as much as she and Prue had done. She found how hard it was for Piper to stay neutral and try to keep everything calm.

Phoebe has found her soul mate in Cole Turner, a man who is half demon and half human thanks to his mother being a demon and his father a mortal. It was instant attraction for both of them. Little did Phoebe know Cole that was sent to kill the Charmed Ones as an undercover demon working for the Triad. The same went for Cole, who didn't expect to fall for Phoebe, one of his targets.

Inevitably, Phoebe found out about Cole, his past, and his intentions. After fighting against him, she finally accepted who he was after he announced he would never use his demonic powers for evil.

Rose McGowan as Paige Matthews

Paige Matthews, born August 2, 1977, is the daughter of Patty Halliwell and her Whitelighter lover Sam. Fearing for the safety of their newborn child after they broke the rules of the Elders by falling in love, Patty and Sam decided along with Grams to give the baby up. While growing up Paige was a rebellious child that drank, smoked, and skipped school. It was when her adoptive parents died that Paige sobered up. A powerful essay on her parents death got her into college. She works at South Bay Social Services.

A little over a year ago, Paige decided to look for her birth parents. She gave up her search when she found out that her suspected birth mother, Patty Halliwell, had died a long time ago. Despite this, she always felt somehow connected to the Halliwells. Paige frequented P3 the last year to be closer to the girls. When Prue died and Piper incited the spell to find a lost witch, Paige magically received the paper showing Prue's death. At the funeral Paige met the sisters, especially Pheobe, who had a premotion Shax would kill her. Little did Paige and the girls know they were really sisters.

At first Paige seemed reluctant to use her powers and being a witch but slowly formed a bond with her sisters and is her accept her powers. She's now moved into the Halliwell home and is adjusting to her new life.

On Paige's first appearance we are also introduced to Shane, a guy she had been dating for a little over a month. This did not last as Shane was possessed by the Source for a short time, and after being released he didn't understand what had happened - but he knew it had been something to do with Paige.

Another love interest of Paige's comes in the form of Glen, a childhood friend. Although they have tried dating, their relationship seems to work best when they are just friends. Glen knows that Paige is a witch, as he discovered the Book of Shadows in the Manor attic. He has agreed to keep the family secret.

Well your probally just so bored of everything else on tv that you descide it's for you, I have to say watching some bruenettes and blondes kick some ass, yes very fun to watch. The odd nukie scene and death keep the watcher from sleeping. Amazing or what how pepeole can be zapped by blood sucking monsters and then have enaugh energy after that to go and "play" in the bedroom...wonders of tv... BEWARE Charmed may leave the watcher thinking he can do magic, walk around the house and you'll find your realatives trying to lift objectes with their minds, or sitting in rooms with candalight, it does get very very freaky.

From the huff log[edit]

(Huff log); 20:11 . . Tompkins (Talk | contribs) (huffed "Page to huff": content was: 'huff this page, please{{NRV}}' (and the only contributor was ''))

From Strong Bad[edit]

The man that is, Homsar[edit]

Waaaah! I'm the captian of the gravey train! P'shooooo. I'm not going to lie to you, thats a fine piece of real estate! Waaaaaaaah! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I think i won the power ball! You Shank My Jenga Ship! Hey Tubs, I just lost my Jenga Jam

From Split Personality[edit]

Besides, the person I'm talking from has an imaginary personality and/or character, considering that the sum total of who I am springs purely from my own imagination. I don't believe what others say because they too are imagining a world that has nothing to do with me. I don't even believe what I say about an entity called 'me' because I have no proof that my words are any more informative than all the other imaginary words I hear and read everyday coming from the imaginations of people who think they know something I don't. Of course I know everything, but others insist I don't and I can't quite see at what precise point in their flow of consciousness I am supposed to register something useful that adds to what I already know. You either know or you don't know. If you don't know, you're a lame duck, waiting to be swept away by someone elses stream of consciousness, that floods into your vacant mind like a river of words carrying you along until their stream runs dry. Then what? You attach your ears to another megaphone, hoping that your ignorance will be irradicated, and knowledge will eventually fill you up until you have appropriated enough words to construct a life you can meaningfully talk about as a separate entity to your imagination. You begin to talk about an entity called 'me' but you have no concrete proof that 'me' exists other than as a construct of ideas presented in the form of a language that is only understood by your internal codification of the sounds you use. No-one is really understanding you because the way they listen to you is filtered through their own internal world of interpretation, which produces in their imagination thoughts, pictures and ideas, very often somewhat different in meaning and purpose to the thoughts, pictures and ideas you think you are projecting accuratley via the medium of words. In this sense, everyone is in a state of having a split personality, of talking about someone that only exists in the imagination whilst presenting a physical presense that does not necessarily agree with the articulated presense. If you're not sure what I am talking about it is probably because I know everything and you don't. It's easy to get round this problem by asking 'him' about 'me'. Before I introduce you to 'him', who can give you a much more honest testimony about 'me' than I ever could, I would caution you to trust neither of us but to trust instead the other person who knows quite a lot about us because he is a professional imaginator or has constructed a highly imaginative account of us, using words you've probably never heard before and in such an authoritative manner that you will be carried along by his stream of consciousness just like all the others who carry you along. Infact it was the other person who introduced to me the notion of a 'him' trying to convince 'me' that I was also 'him' and I must say that his reasoning did seem somewhat scary and realistic. However he was quite ignorant of the fact that I already know everything and after he had unpacked his theories I had a damn good laugh in the pub with my terribly schizoid friends from the Foreign Office. He may even convince you that I am a very dangerous 'person' and his imagination will paint a very colourful picture in your mind that will convince you his imagined representation of 'me' or 'us' is both accurate and reliable. His regime of truth is the regime of imagined science. I love the concept of uncyclopedia. It is deliciously mischievous, anarchic, insurrectional.

From Bus[edit]


Most private coach drivers are grumpy people who have to clean their coaches, this inevitably leads to people deliberately standing in dog excrement before boarding the bus. If you have to take a Stagecoach bus somewhere you should always allow at least 23 mins extra for your journey, and on a cold night you get so angry with Stagecoach that when (if ever) the bus arrives, most people defraud the driver with a fake bus pass.

From Riven[edit]

The multiple ending are all diverse ways of getting you killed. usually you get hit with a posion dart. you can also trick Atrus into coming so Ghen can kill him as well. The most fun endings are when you become traped in a book, then someone looks in at you and laughs at how stupid you are. The REAL ending consists of you making a huge hole in the ground which starts sucking up all the air. Atrus comes and thanks you for your help, then he and Cathrine go through the linking book. of course, since he can't reward your years of work, he drops the book in the hole and you dive in after it. You probably will realize that this is a lot like the beging of Myst, so don't worry, Atrus will have another job for you.

From Horseflies[edit]

An article by a maniac dad of kid in Singapore with the aim of nasty remarks against another classmate, Lew Bing Heng, biten by horsefly during a camping trip. He is totally sick in his mind and enjoy the feeling of pedophillia towards little boys, in the name of love for his son Ooi Qi En.

He and the others mentioned here will get it back, triple this amount of harassment as revenge soon. Please delete completely this article.

From Chloroform[edit]


From Richie Rich[edit]

Hes a wee rice prick thts all i can fuckin say the spolit mother fucker!

From Vacancy[edit]

If a hotel has a Vacancy, search your room for a hidden camera, and bring a fingerprint-sensitive gun. You have been warned.

From Bacon[edit]

Bacon is the best.