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True Facts and Other Deleted Prose

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From Calmac[edit]

CalMac (Caledonian MacBrayne) A Scottish ferry company with over 20 ships, from 22m long to 101m long. Many people are 'fans' of CalMac who enjoy travelling on the ships. The smallest ship is the MV Eigg, which carries 5 cars and the largest is the MV Isle of Lewis which carries 123 cars and 680 passengers. They have ships registered under the UK flag than anyone else. Website: www.calmac.co.uk

  • I'm not sure if this is a legitimate factual article or just spam. I would have put it on VFD but I thought I enter it here in case anyone could salvage it. 03:25, 18 Aug 2005 (UTC)

From Slartibartfast[edit]

A character in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

From Demoscene[edit]

Demoscene is computer subculture for game demos. It has it golden years in mid 90's when there were lot of shareware games around. In demoscene people are playing those games and sometimes swapping them with each other.

From People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals[edit]


  • Tried to get the town Hamburg to change its name to "Veggieburg" due to it sounding to much like the word "hamburger".
  • Tossed some anonymous red blood-like liquid into countless fur coats.
  • Tried to rename fish to "sea kittens".

From Rheee[edit]

Rheee, or rheeee or rheeeee or any other amount of 'e's is an utterance frequent among players of the first person shooter Counter-Strike. The phrase was popularized by the myg0t clan flash videos. The word is used to show distaste and frusteration caused by hackers in the game.

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From Chef Boyardee[edit]


From David bravo[edit]

Profession: lawyer.

This lawyer, expert of the subject of author rights, is a archiconocida figure within the world of the internautical Internez thanks to his radical confrontations with the General Society of Autores (SGAE).

This genuine Sevillian (see Spain), consider that from certain sectors, exists an incorrect operation of which "intellectual property" is denominated. Recently public its test "Copy this book" with which it tries to disassemble the theses that "criminalize and describe as pirates to those who share culture".


You can read him at: http://www.filmica.com/david_bravo

From Craig Ferguson[edit]

Craig Ferguson (born May 17, 1962) is a multitalented comedian who has done work both in front of and behind the camera. Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Ferguson became a highly regarded comic in Britain, appearing in the alternative comedy circuit under the stage name Bing Hitler. After enjoying success at the Edinburgh Festival, Ferguson moved to Los Angeles in the United States in 1994. He is best known in the U.S. for his role on The Drew Carey Show, where he played Nigel Wick, Carey's boss. Of his over-the-top English accent on the series, Ferguson noted that plenty of English actors had used bad Scottish accents in the past, so it was time for a Scottish actor to use a bad English accent.

In December 2004, it was announced that Ferguson would be the successor to Craig Kilborn on CBS's Late Late Show. Ferguson's first show aired on January 4, 2005.

From Banglore[edit]

The local people speak Tamil, Kannada,Telgugu and malayalam, Majority are TAMILS(more than 40%), literally tamils rules in banagalore. Tamils eith their hard work and brilliance transformed Banaglore into a IT city which was earlier a lazy city.

From Chennai[edit]

Chennai (சென்னை in Tamil), formerly known as Madras is the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu and is India's fourth largest metropolis and thrid largest financial centre. It is located on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal. With an estimated 2005 population of 7.45 million, it is one of the 35 largest metropolitan areas in the world.

From Kangeroo[edit]

Depending on the context, 'Kangeroo' can denote an Australian mammal or describe a court proceeding

Editor's note: The spelling of this word is actually kangaroo. Please disregard the above spelling as incorrect.

From Great Molasses Flood[edit]

Boston is perhaps the only city in the history of the universe to have had citizens (and some horses) killed by a wave of molasses.

From July 1[edit]

The day before July 2nd.

Celebrated on the first day after June 30th every year.

From Kill stealing[edit]

Kill stealing is when (most likely) one of your teammates kills the enemy who you have hit 6 times with your gun, and then your teammate gets the frag.

From Hot water heater[edit]

A hot water heater is a device in your garage that heats your water. Without it you'd be taking cold showers.

From Athena[edit]

The goddess in Greek mythology; the daughter of Zeus and sister of Apollo.

From Ryan Stiles[edit]

Ryan Stiles played Lewis on The Drew Carey Show and is a regular on Whose Line Is It Anyway?.

From Lightsaber[edit]

A lightsaber is a kind of of weapon wielded by Jedi and Sith. The lightsaber operates on highly classified mechanisms, one of the few known components being a crystal. Lightsabers project an energy beam a varying number of feet, and can cut through nearly anything. Lightsabers come in many colors, some of the most popular being red, blue, and green.

From Russia[edit]

Russians have two New Years and two Christmases; first Christmas is celebrated in December, the second - in January. The same things with the New Year. First new Year (real New Year), celebrated after 31th December. And there is also another New Year, they call it "Old New Year", which is celebrated in the middle of January.

From April 20[edit]

From Pokemon[edit]

Poke'mon was origanly a video game released to Nintendo system under the cover of darkness. It was a Tactical RPG game in which you train a team of Poke'mon with which you use to defeat other teams, earn prizes, and ultimatly enter a Poke'mon tournement. Later on the Success of this game encouraged Nintendo to make more games with different story lines. The continued success launched the card game which was shockingly successfull. The Poke'mon's empire reached it's peak making the animated series and complementing them with movies which made the mouse Poke'mon Pikachu and his trainer Ash very popular and also making the Poke'mon the single greatest picture for poke'mon out of the now almost unending poke'mon. Poke'mon slowly started to decline after this, the reason is widly unknown but the most know reason is that the animated serious gave Poke'mon a "child-like" look and quickly Nintendo lost most of it's teenaged fans. Nintendo countered this by making more angry looking poke'mon trying to appeal to the it's older fans. Poke'mon is still surving today trying to come back with how it started, video games. Poke'mon today is still a big word, and barely surving on it's painfully slow growing number of disabled fans. Poke'mon today is seen as as 'childish' and others see it as a black magic cult, that tricks small children into drinking the cool-ade in order to open a gateway to hell and fullfilling the prophesy. Fans can come to their own conclusions on what Poke'mon is but Poke'mon remains one of most successful card games, video games,and public icons.

From Isaac Asimov[edit]

Isaac Asimov was born into a Jewish family [...] there were multiple science fiction books and articles written sometime in his life.

From Forrest Gump[edit]

A film made in 1994 starring Tom Hanks as a retard who did everything in history

From License[edit]


A license usually accompanies a piece of software, a book, a DVD, or anything of your choosing. If you haven't received a license with this text you may write to the Free Software Foundation (FSF hereafter), they'll tell you this text is licensed under a Creative Commons (CC) license. In spite of the fact that FSF and CC aim to make licensing more transparent, it still gets more confusing from there.

From Beta[edit]

Not alpha but before gamma.

From USC[edit]

USC is an acronymn for Universidade de Santiago de Compostela.

From GNU[edit]

GNU (official site) applications has grown into a huge diversity ranging from techies' OS kernels and libs to end users' Accounting software. To keep up with what the GNU community is doing, you may find this large unofficial GNU Forum useful. This forum (hosted by Nabble) currently archives many gnu projects' mailing lists into a single hierarchical forum for easy browsing and unified seach. You can drill into each sub-project or search a keyword to find out what the GNU people are talking about.

From Party[edit]

Any excuse for large scale consumption of ethanol based drinks or other intoxicating substances

From Marklar[edit]

From Uncyclopedia Marklar (n;v;adj;adv;pn;inj;pcp;cccp;rsvcp) A word that is used to replace every person, place, thing, action, or description on the Planet Marklar: as a person "Hey marklar!"; as a place "Marklar is going to Marklar"; as a thing "What an ugly marklar!"; as many things "Markla-markling marklar, my marklar marklared marklar in the marklar". It is much simpler than english because it saves a lot of grammar and pronunciation. To use marklar you must have something in mind or you will be mistaken for illiterate. If you travel to planet marklar located in the horsehead nebula, do not forget your Marklar to English dictionary (which can be made with a regular English dictionary and a rubber stamp of the word "Marklar"). Planet Marklar is known for its humid summer, so don't forget your Marklar. All the marklar you need to marklar in Marklar is in "Marklar's Marklar to the Marklar".

From The Official List of the Best Things in Existence#Getting Boats Right[edit]

2,900 BC-1,500 BC

Nearly 100 years after the first boat was made, the first successful boat was made, and the Vikings sailed from Europe to America, where they married the Indians and never came back. Luckily, they left blueprints, and the nautical world was forever conquered. (Actually, the Chinese were the first ones to circumnavigate the globe. During the voyages of Zheng Hu in 1421 - 1423. See http://www.1421.tv/ for reference.)

(Accuracy note: his name is actually Zheng He, not Zheng Hu.)

From Vacuum cleaner[edit]

A device in your house that you clean your carpet with. It makes a very loud sound.