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Cream Soda is a liquidy, sugary substance that you can drink, drown, and even swim in!

Cream soda, or Piss as they call it in Texas, is usually made in men's restrooms and urinals. Very few women such as Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez have been known to drink Cream Soda. This drink has been favored by the Los Angeles Police Department, Dr. Dre, and Pig Farmers.

Cream Soda is made in Men's Restrooms located in Wal-Marts and Chinese Restaraunts throughout the West Coast of North America.

The Process of Making Cream Soda[edit | edit source]

  • Step Numero Uno- Urine is released from the Penis
  • Step Numero Dos- The Urine is placed in a blender with Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice
  • Step Numero Tres- The smelly concoction is placed in a freezer overnight for extra flavor

Yay! The Cream Soda is finally finished.

The Invention of Cream Soda[edit | edit source]

Cream Soda was invented in 1229 ad. by George W. Bush. He took a quick wee on a rock and decided to taste it. He added Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice and invented Cream Soda. He spread his finding throughout the world on eBay selling the recipe for $19.99. The A&W and N&G Soda Companies bought this wonderful revolutionary concoction and sold it to hobos and Stockbrokers like Ewan McGregor, and Ronald McDonald.

Today, Cream Soda varies from country to country. In the U.K, restauraunts serve it as Root Beer with a dollop of Ice Cream in it. In Yugoslavia, they serve it with a dollop of cat feces in it.

The Vodkum Rumor[edit | edit source]

The N&G Soda Company released news of Barq's Root Beer Company putting Vodkum (Vk as in the Idiotic Table of Elements ) In their Cream Soda and other beverages. The Vodkum created an alcoholic vodka feeling their soda.

This rumor was found to be true. Barq's Root Beer now contains Nutellum to balance the flavor out. The Nutellum enhances flavor and sharpness to the drink. After the new element was introduced to the beverage, Mtv unusually gave the "Worst Actress Award" to Barq's Cream Soda instead of Jeniffer Lopez.

Hitler's Run in With Cream Soda[edit | edit source]

Hitler discovered Cream Soda by his mate, Erwin Rommel. Rommel introduced the drink to Hitler by accidentally wiz on Hitler's Reitag wall. Hitler forced Rommel to lick it off, and found it to be absolutley delicous.

Hitler Advetisements[edit | edit source]

Hitler quit the job of being Germany's Fuhrer and decided to go in the Advertisment Industry. There, he grew a relationship with MUG Root Beer.

Hitler's advertisement for MUG