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“Why R we stoopid"""?”

John Wayne on typical American

“1 we speled it rong”

Rambo on another typical American

“too john kerry is president ROTFL!!!!11”

Marshal Dillon on yet another typical American

Everyone hates Americans becuase they are natural whiners. For instance, take a look at Jesus. Now there was a true American. The eye-talians nailed him to a giant addition sign and then poked him with a giant spear to see what was inside him and sold the spearhead to the Nazis. The Americans then stole it back. The rest of the world hates Americans becuase we won't let them keep their favorite things, like WMDs, or fascist dictators political activists.

Everyone also hates Americans because they are hypocrites. They complain about the the spread of communism yet they are happy to invade another country to force democracy on them.