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Thursday, June 16, 2022

The original Survivor logo in German, which is the word "Holocaust" all scrambled to look more like Hebrew.

THIS WAY, Something Wicked -- UnNews is shocked to announce that Netflix is planning a new fiction TV show, based on the long-running reality TV blockbaster, Survivor. The reality show Survivor is a worldwide phenomenon, which started with the original German show Ich Bin Ein Celebrity Juden, Get Me Out Of Here! in 1942, and has turned into a global franchise over the years, where people are forced to live like those people in the show Lost, and prove they are able to survive for a month without any coke or strawberry condoms. The new Netflix show will be a work of fiction, meaning that it will be a totally regular show, without people talking about their personal feelings about eating cockroaches, but rather an artistic piece of television with actual real-life actors like Jennifer Carpenter & shit.

Enter "Survivor: The Challenge", a new TV drama which will make Hitler and Putin look like Elmo's little sister. Throughout the show, the characters will have to survive a series of challenging events, in which their lives will be rocked & rolled in many different & exciting ways. For example, in one episode, some old guy who rides his bike in Ukraine is killed to death for no reason at all by an occupying Russian soldier who is too young to be his grandson.

Nothing will prepare you for this awesome piece of Netflix extravaganza. This winter, all you Netflix subscribers are going to be Nukerained! (pun intended)

And you're going to read some sentences without any full stop at the end! How cool is that

So #get #ready for some #realdeath by keep reading this article to the end! It's so much fun

Coming soon to UnNews near you

Fans of the original Survivor who'd prefer to not drink coke for a month got good news this week, too: they can drink some tea with or without cream in it, and shut the fuck up.