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date of birth: 13 January 1998
place of birth: n/a
nationality: Mexican
known for: Singing and dancing in a tolerable manner
religion(s): thisclose to Catholic
spouse(s): All you need to know is that I belong to a guy.
children: Box turtle (male, born c. 2000, adopted 25 May 2014)

Very strange quotes[edit]

I'm a lolita, not a child bride. Have a nice day!

“You're so sexy!”

~ boyfriend on me


~ Stewie Griffin's European See-and-Say

“Without a good song, there can be neither love nor children. All that remains is naked sex. But that is on the internet.”

~ Eduard Khil on sharing his wisdom (he really did say this)

“My favorite thing in life is sex. My second-favorite thing is ice cream.”

~ actual quote from Roberto Carlos Braga
Some more of Khil's wisdom[edit]

In 2010, during a performance in Moscow, full of young fans (he called them "grandchildren"), Eduard Khil posed them a random question. hee hee hee!

Khil: Who here knows when Yuri Gagarin made his flight?
some kid: 1951?
Khil: Close enough, grandson, but you were off by 10 years. So, learning is necessary. Not getting drunk in the club.

About me[edit]

I know you don't like to dance but I do! So just calm down for five minutes! haha

“Gringos, what are they good for?”

~ me on gringos
  • I am of Aztec, Mayan, and Korean descent.
  • I like scrunchies, but they don't always stay in my hair.
  • I hate when that happens.
  • I'm not that funny, but I do write good set-up.

Articles I've written, with a LOT of help from my friends[edit]

The schnauzer is male and his name is Prince. The terrier(?) mix is a female named Pecas. They really like me.
I love you Prince! When will I get to keep you!

The articles are separated into these categories, in the order in which they were written, within their respective categories. If this makes no sense, it is because I am very stupid indeed.

Articles I helped with[edit]

Wikipedia would say that this is cruft[edit]


Other shitty articles[edit]

Absurd photos[edit]


Mexico flag.gif This user is Mexican, and has crossed el Río Bravo. They don't understand gringo language.
This user is a girl, and is made of sugar, and spice, and everything nice.
GreatRussiaflag!.png This user likes to write biographies of Russian artists; they have lived such fucked-up lives that very little joking is required.
9clock.jpg I have dyscalculia, meaning I do not understand the average clock. I make up for it by being very good at writing.
A rose for you.jpg

This user is a fangirl of Roberto Carlos, and wishes she could play with what's left of his hair. Or give the king a kiss.