Ana Gabriel

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Ana Gabriel
Ana Gabriel.jpg
Birth Date10 December 1955
Birth PlaceSinaloa, Mexico
SpouseNever married
Diana Alejandra (adopted)
"Jazz" and "Mia" (two female Yorkshire terriers)

“Yoko, is that you?”

~ John Lennon on seeing Ana Gabriel on TV and confusing her for Yoko


~ Ana Gabriel on her habit of rarely wearing a dress

“I once heard her singing in Japanese. Or was it Chinese? Doesn't matter.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Ana Gabriel

María Guadalupe Araújo Yong (or Young), better known as Ana Gabriel (born 10 December 1955), is a Mexican singer of Chinese ancestry. She is famous for splitting eardrums the world over!

Early life[edit | edit source]

Ana Gabriel's maternal grandfather was Chinese. So that makes her one-eighth Chinese. Anyway, his name was Yang Quing Yong Chizon, but when he came to Mexico, he changed his name to Roberto Yong. Ana discovered her voice early on when as a little girl, she tried to impress other girls that she had a crush on. They didn't like her screams, but she studied the neighborhood cats for tips on how to get that piercing sound just right.

Career[edit | edit source]

Ana Gabriel started her career in 1974,and she had great success. So in 1985, she put on a red dress and went to the OTI. For those of you who don't know, the OTI is a musical contest, sort of like the X Factor, except much cooler, which is held every year in Mexico. Whoever wins gets money and attention. Anyway, when Ana Gabriel was in the 1985 OTI, she got fifth place. She tried again in 1987... and won!

Due to her popularity with the LGBT community, Ana Gabriel has inspired many drag queens to imitate her look, the best known of these being Pável Arámbula. This comes in handy when Ana Gabriel holds a party of drag queen lookalikes once in a while, because this way she can confuse a male ghost that haunts her and won't take "I'm gay" for an answer.

Personal life[edit | edit source]

Ana Gabriel is single. She has an adopted daughter, Diana Alejandra, and two dogs, Jazz and Mia.

It is said that Ana Gabriel had once dated Verónica Castro, but it didn't work out because Ana was insanely jealous. That would explain why Vero has never been married...

Hollywood walk of fame[edit | edit source]

On 2 December 2005, Ana Gabriel got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Why did this happen? She didn't even do movies...

Did you know?[edit | edit source]

  • In 2011, Ana Gabriel did a concert with Marco Antonio Solís.
  • During that concert, she used a dress for the first time in quite a while.
  • It was very colorful.
  • She also used a purple rebozo.
  • If you don't believe me, see the gallery.

Pics[edit | edit source]