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“Eating one gave me the most exciting diarrhea I ever had.”

This article contaiNs all the iNformatioN oN the FlyiNg Burrito project that you Never wished to kNow. -19

FAQ[edit | edit source]

  • Q. What are Flying Burritos? -Isacc Newton
    • A. Raed the article instead of asking me. -Elvis Costello
  • Q. How were questions asked before the articles released? -Elvis Costello
    • A. IDK LOL ROFL -God
    • A. They are time travelers.-Elvis Costello INsaNity Complex 1.519
  • Q. Can I have mexi-fries with my MouNtain Dew?- Honest Abe
    • A. Yes, for a $0.12 fee.-FlyiNg Burrito
  • Q. Why are there uNrelated LiNks everwhere? -RoNald McDoNald
    • A. They're Not uNrelated, it's a DaviNchi Code thiNg. - User: Liquid Chicken or J.D. NelsoN, creator of this article.
  • Q. I am be dead? -Bob Marley
    • A. Yes my pet, Now crawl back iNto your pit or No Facebook for you. -God
  • Q. Are you God? -Bob Marley
    • A. ROFL LOL yes. How did u No? -God
  • Q. Wanna come to my place? -N17 No.666
    • A. Only if I get some Fo'shizzlers. -No.19

Submit FAQ[edit | edit source]

To submit aN questioN to the FAQ edit the article or follow this liNk. (Please No Spum) Make sure to cite the queesioN and ANswer or you will be peNalized. All citatioNs must be real as these oNes are! You have No idea the work I had to go through to ask these people these questioNs.-Elvis Costello INsaNity Complex 2.019

OrgiN[edit | edit source]

in 196319A.D. Elvis Costello who is a Notorious Nazi suggested to the LOL Society or The Llamas Of Law that geNetically modified creatures in the form of FlyiNg Burritos be created to rob sNack cackes from miNi-marts. The LOL agreed after NoticiNg a shortage of Ding-DoNgs and Ho-Ho's iN their maiNteNeNce facillities. Production started in 1965 A.D. JuNe 19, 19:19 military time. (Note 19)

DevelopmeNt[edit | edit source]

This is a FlyiNg Burrito iN productioN. This particular oNe is the renowN FlyiNg Burrito KiNg.--You are only as 5 as you think be the cookie said me as be pirates. 01:03, April 29, 2010 (UTC)


Because developmeNt was lacking on human subjects for geNetic research, the Make a Wish foundation was started, where termiNal childreN were giveN their wishes iN exchaNge for a hostage for research. ANy unwanted subjects were giveN to Micheal JacksoN aNd Named "BlaNket". DuriNg developmeNt the lab lacked productivity aNd comic releif so a cloNe of Elvis Costello was created by Elvis Costello aNd Elvis Prestly in Elvis TowN ElvisaNia 196419 JuNuary 19. This hermaphrodite cloNe came out iNsaNe and requiriNg drier liNt to survive so it was Named Doritios, which was later chaNged to Elvis Costello INsaNity Complex. DevelopmeNt coNtiNued to produce mutated sheep for 19 years uNtil the first prototype was released.

Prototypes[edit | edit source]

Though still iN developmeNt some prototypes will be listed here.

Burrito 0.000019[edit | edit source]

What you would kNow as the commoN polar bear.

Burrito 0.00019[edit | edit source]

ImprovmeNts Now allow it to fly with it's attached wiNgs without smacking itself.

Burrito 0.0019[edit | edit source]

This is very much iN it's prototype stage, it's Not eveN iN developmeNt.

Burrito 0.0019[edit | edit source]

This prototype wasN't previoisly oN aNy list uNtil receNtly because all records of it's existeNce were destroyed iN aN accideNt iNvolving the explosioN aNd implosioN of excess sheep.

Burrito 0.19[edit | edit source]

The firsst ssucssuessfull prototype. It wassN't very ssucssuessfull because it's firmware wass only compatible with off braNd Twinkiess called "Fo'Sshizlerss". It alsso had a ssoftware malfuNction where it would excrete ssquirellss upoN the meNtioN of the phrase "Ello, what what." EveN though after maNy years of developmeNt they had fiNally developed a prototype, the LOL Ssociety wassN't very pleased. AN extremley hazzardouss by-product was produced iN the makiNg. A baNd, that may ruiN the LOL Ssociety'ss reputatioN, or sso they thought. photo of by-products

Burrito 1.9[edit | edit source]

With improved firmware settiNgs from the previous prototype, it was compatible with all Hostess braNd saNcks but would scream foul words iN their preseNce. This caused them to be baNNed in Cuba which sadly made them sadily sad.

FlyiNg Burrito 1.9[edit | edit source]

NothiNg New except that product developers realized that FlyiNg has not yet beeN iN the title.

Releases[edit | edit source]

These are the fiNished versions of the dhuoLGFUIDWELGEU67790/..........

N17[edit | edit source]

MaiNly a massage machiNe, the details are Not Nice.

KloNdike Bar[edit | edit source]

What would you do?

Political[edit | edit source]

The Flying Burrito Bros. aside from their failed baNd were very politiaclly iNvolved. EveN though they were mere by-products of research they are already iN progress of startiNg a Holocaust which will be quite delightful. Click here to see their political message. They Now work in coNgress iN the useless departmeNt. EveN though rumored to have died in aN accideNt iNvolviNg dead things they are still passiNg iNterNet regulatioNs. They haveN't beeN seeN since 19:00.

Monarchy[edit | edit source]

The FlyiNg Burritos them selves were set on creating a moNarch to rule them. SooN developmeNt started on the FlyiNg Burrito KiNg. Sadly maNy attempts have failed siNce theN, they are oN attempt No. 19. Hopefully this oNe woN't try to iNsist disco isN't dead.

Republic[edit | edit source]

IN the year 191919 the FlyiNg Burritos decided to start their owN republic iN Zimbabwae, but it didN't go too well because they were eateN by the citizeNs (aNd the Elvis Costello INsanity Complex) which caused the giverNment to collapse. ON the bright side, free nachos were giveN to everyoNe.

Note: Their republic was called the PUTC or the People Under Taco Bell. This angered the LOL society.

Religion[edit | edit source]

The Flying Burritos have left quite their mark on maNy cultures and their religious beliefs, of course you idiots wouldN't kNow that uNless I told you.

MyaN Culture[edit | edit source]

The FlyiNg Burritos were receNtly discovered iN MayaN culture while science guys were lookiNg through ruiNs which are actually the wreckage left from aN aNcient rave gatheriNg. The FlyiNg Burritios were belived to be war geNerals that would come the day the evil purple meN would attack, they would ride iN oN magic rabid Smurfs. Sadly when the white meN came to destroy them, they came armed with McDoNalds happy meals.

ChristiaNity[edit | edit source]

If you look closely at the virgiN Mary you will see gaNg symbols left by the FlyiNg Burritos Tattooed iNto her fourth arm. Sadly these images are too iNNapropriate for the iNternet.

Buddhism[edit | edit source]

While the FlyiNg Burritos may Not have anything to do with Buddhism, they did kidNap Buddha oNce because they thought it would be cool to take a picture with him. It didN't end up well though, Buddha sued them and research was greatly cut back.

Other INformatioN[edit | edit source]

This sectioN coNtaiNs all the misc. details about The FlyiNg Burritos

News[edit | edit source]

  • N
  • 7/5/7 News Release Starts
  • 7/7/07 MaNditorily place 0 before the year day declared
  • 6/6/7 19
  • 1/1/8 New Years Party a blast. EveryoNe druNk.
  • 6/6/8 19
  • 7/7/08 MaNditorily place 0 before the year day.
  • 1/91/9 Eggs baNNed by the project wheN scientists argued over which was better: Scrambled or Hard Boiled.
  • 3/56/9 A leprachauN was hired which was gNarly
  • 6/6/9 19
  • 7/7/09 MaNditorily place 0 before the year day.
  • 8/12/9 Elvis Costello INsaNity Complex 2.019 Released
  • 4/27/10 (plus 19) New project lauNched to create Nuclear fish lauNched by The LOL Society
  • 4/28/10 Article may face deletatioN
  • 4/28/10 The Margaritas for desigNated drivers program revoked
  • 5/5/10 CiNco De Mayo or the 5th day of MayoNaise is celebrated iN the productioN of more FlyiNg burritos
  • 6/17/10 New model type released, the N17
  • 6/18/10 Elvis Costello gets wasted.
  • 8/18/10 HaNgover eNds aNd article is updated agaiN.
  • 8/20/10 LOL society goes to Taco Bell

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Hostess compatabillity
  • DiNosaur elimiNation software
  • levitatioN Not supported
  • HeadphoNe Jack
  • HeadphoNe Bob
  • HeadphoNe Steve
  • Beautifull pictures of Elvis Costello
  • 19 MiNutes of MoNty PythoN freeze-frames
  • BaNaNa flavored face-plates
  • Fear reactioN to the British peoples for security
  • Set to tazer user at NooN oN suNday
  • UNcycopedia article
  • Has "LOL" eNgraved iNto every uNit so is fuNNy
  • Massaging
  • Massausaging
  • ANti-butler software

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • The FlyiNg Burritos seem to have a glitch where if a poodle is thrown at them they spaze out aNd display this image until brutally burNed iN a fire fueled by childreN dreNched in gasoliNe.
    A commoN baNaNa. Is this the image that shows up? You'll Never kNow.--You are only as 5 as you think be the cookie said me as be pirates. 01:31, April 29, 2010 (UTC)
  • S_m_ r_p_rt _ gl_tch wh_r_ _ll th_ v_w_ls _r_ r_pl_c_d w_th _Nd_rsc_r_s, _lth__gh _t h_s N_v_r b__N c_Nf_rm_d. _f y__ c_m_ _cr_ss th_s pr_bl_m pl__s_ r_p_rt _t.
  • WheN the newest versioNs of FlyiNg Burritos come iN coNtact with Hostess sNacks, they scream foul language uNcoNtrollably.
  • MaNy editioNs of the FlyiNg Burrito KiNg have beeN caNceled for failing to realize that disco is iN fact dead.
  • Earlier versioNs may Not be able to fly without hittiNg themselves.
  • Earlier versioNs are oNly compatible with off brand sNack cackes called "Fo'Shizlers".
  • Protective coating melts. Not oNly that but it oNly melts at temperatures below freezing.
  • -Error 404- Error Not fouNd. But wait, if I fouNd the error of Not fiNdiNg aN error I did fiNd aN error, but theN I have to dismiss this error meaNiNg I didN't fiNd oNe meaNiNg AHHHHH!!! LOGIC COMPLEX!!!
  • They always look for their keys when they're iN their haNds.
  • No HaNds
  • The massagiNg versioN is er.... 19.

Posts by the FlyiNg Burritos[edit | edit source]

  • CaN you spare a Nickel? - No.19
  • Where am I? - No.1919
  • I love them Fo'Shizzlers! - No.19
  • IN my dreams I slaughter dolphiNs to save little childreN who are drowNing. These images are too stroNg for me so I end up cryiNg iN my sleep. WheNever I close my eyes I still see the graphic images, Not to meNtioN the lollipops. - No.19
  • Are we allowed to post here? - The FlyiNg Burrito Bros.
  • FARMVILLE IS AWESOME!!! -No.12 whom was executed for loviNg Farmville.
  • WaNNa come to my place? N17 No.666
  • Guys! I just made over $6000 dollars this week doiNg surveys! And No Spam!:) Here's the liNk! :) [1]

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