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Bomb.png Somebody set up us the bomb.
For great justice take off every 'zig'.


~ Oscar Wilde on Thomas the Tank Engine

“Disgraceful! Disguisting! Despicable!”

~ Gordon, Henry, and James on The Obese Controller's eating habits

“What's a Parody?”

~ Percy the Small Engine on Uncyclopedia

“You have caused Confusion and Delay!”

~ The Obese Controller on Uncyclopedia

“Beg Pardon Sir, but Its Funny!”

~ Duck the Western Engine on Uncyclopedia
Thomas is shown demonstrating the moral at the end of Thomas runs over the Obese Controller.


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Thomas the Tank Engine is an anthropomorphic tank engine which often operates on the uncyclopedia railway, driving his adoring fans and passengers into misinformation and lies.

Thomas The Tank Engine is the most famous fictional blue talking steam engine in the world, and is more popular than even the Flying Scotsman, which, as every child knows, doesn't have a face, doesn't talk, and never falls down black holes in amusing ways.

When Thomas hits the buffers, instead of the driver being suspended on full pay, pending a full enquiry and drug-test results, a short fat man in a top hat will talk sternly to the locomotive whilst standing on an orange box and will say "Thomas, you have caused confusion and delay!" The engine will be taken out of service and made to shunt trucks until it is sorry. Only then will it be allowed back on the main line to be a Really Useful Engine again.

The Scarily faced Thomas the Tank Engine patrols his stretch of line screaming in his Ringo Starr Voice at anyone attempting to cross at a point which isn't a signal. He kills anyone in his way, including his Obese Controller.

Despite giving everyone frozen Satanic stares, Thomas and His Friends still run regularly. Chinese brainwashing from The Railway Chairman has them thinking work is a privilege.

Lost Episode[edit]

George Carlin's narration has been detested by PBS for his overuse of swearing. The flipping episode was censored to nothing but beeping and clucking sounds, but was kept for the good of Uncyclopedia - to teach kids what REALLY happened. A rare but censored version of the episode can be seen here:


Steam team[edit]

Tom the tank engine

As in the name, the main character is Thomas, a bratty, blue tank engine. Thomas has the honor of pulling his hos, Annie and Clarabel. He lives and hangs with the Steam team

  • James the Obsessive-Compulsive Engine
  • Percy is Thomas' best friend. Charmingly naive, he is always asking questions like what Money, Religion, Happiness and Fair Labour are, to which the Obese Controller replies, "Myths, Percy. Myths..."
  • Gordon is 15 miles long when he pulls the hottest prostitute in the land, The Express. He shouts swear words at the children making them cry. Recently he became Prime Minister of the Railway.
  • Emily, Thomas's older sister. Like most of the engines, Thomas thinks she's hott, and Emily sometimes dates her little brother. She's really bossy until something embarrassing happens to her.
  • Henry the Hypochondraic Engine.
  • Toby is the the very, very, very, very, very, very old Tram Engine

Diesel Minority and others[edit]

"Sorry, Neville", said Emily, "I don't believe in interracial dating..."

There are evil diesels who plan on someday ruling the Island. They include Diesel (obviously), Diesel #10 (Diesels 2-9 were all killed when they partook in a riot), 'Arry and Bert.

In this group are Troublesome Trucks. They like Truckin', as their name suggests. Being overworked Factory slaves, they have the highest suicide rate on the Isle of Sod. But the Obesse Controller can simply purchase new ones with his money daily.

Other minor engines who secretly lust for power but are forced to lay low While Neville, a black engine who tried to date white chick Emily (pictured), and Molly the female engine with a man's face. Rosie - Thomas's groupie - is also unsuccessful in winning a mate.

Dwarf (Narrow Gauge) Engines[edit]

Mighty stares, pretending to listen to the Narrator as he explains Skarloey's plan.

This clique has more power than the Diesel minority. They run their own line, being too small for the big tracks. Being as small as they are, they occasionally vanish and stay gone for prolonged periods. The knighted Sir Handel, brothers Skarloey and Rheneas (both old, but appear to be possessed by demonic children), Siamese twins Mighty Mac, and Duke (he won't say what he's duke of, for his land was forcefully seized) are sometimes spotted, but you can always count on seeing:

  • Peter Sam the Jinx. He has on on/off relationship with Female Rusty. He was called Stuart until he realised Rusty's mom was also named Stuart, so he changed it.
  • Rusty the Womanizing Engine
  • Duncan, a pottymouth engine. He was banished for his hate speeches against the other oddly coloured engines.

The Dictator(s)[edit]

"First to hit the fat lard gets to pull the Express!"

Finally, we have Chairman Mao, the Obese Controller. He refuses to give the engines water or coal-or coa-rrr as he calls it-unless they work all day long. He hires The Railway Inspector to watch the steamers while he eats, which is 60-percent of each day.

The Story[edit]

Thomas and the Isle of Sod(or)[edit]

In the year 2000 the traditional "Trad" story was upgraded so that the whole world would not have to think and could be be bling and hip. This is the new story:

In circa 200,000 BCE, a stumpy fat man searched for ways to make money. He went into a scrapyard and used voodoo chants to have souls possess the ruined engines. Now, with their disturbingly happy faces, the engines puff across the Isle of Sod, making products to get their controller rich off of. The idea of Communism was originally implimented, but Gordon sought for higher control, which led to Lusts for Power from several other engines. Over the next 100000 years, the engines worked their buffers off,never meeting the technologic advances of the future as They Deliver Food Across the Isle of Sod for thee Obesse Controller.


Even after the railway's liquidation, the Controller patrolled his tunnels.
...Luckily, nobody was hurt...OK, so James and the Obese Controller might have gotten a little hurt...

However, all was not well in the Isle of Sod. Due to the British Government's poor transport funding, the Obese controller eventually lost the rights to his locomotives company, which went into liquidation. Thomas was sold off for scrap and his carcass has been spotted in Bangladesh, where he currently serves as a housing estate. Annie's current whereabouts are unknown, but rumours of her engagement to Stevie Wonder are not unfounded. Clarabel went on the run after her long career of prostitution was discovered by the local police.

Ever since, British tabloid papers such as The Sun have seized the opportunity to make tasteless headlines such as 'Runaway Train!' and 'FORMER CARRIAGE IN SEX SCANDAL HORROR - WE BLAME PRINCE HARRY'.

The Engines' Drug Abuse And Departure[edit]

The Railway Inspector showing his engine-torture devices.

Even after Thomas was scrapped, all was not well. The other engines discovered his collection of crack. James,Percy and all the puffers quit smoking and tried Thomas' secret stuff. Unfortunately,order on the Island collapsed, and accident rates went up. By the year 2004,most engines were scrapped after overdoses. Others left to find work in democracies.

The Obese Controller now buys a couple of new engines now and then, and always keeps an engine to paint blue,to ensure the young ones that Thomas lives on.

Edward (The Blue Engine) And His Relationship With Richard Gere[edit]

Mistaken for the role in the X-Files as the bloke agent (not the one that looks like a man the real one), Richard Gere's career soared, and eventually met Edward at a Shaft convention in 1922. Gere (born 1643) wooed Edward with a Ferrari which Edward gave to Thomas who wrote it off during a 14 hour police chase. Edward and Richard had 5 children (3 of which were black and one of which was green (see Gere-Percy Scandal) and one of which fell out of a tree and broke its funnel, leaving it to suffocate). The divorce which followed in 1994 led Edward to drink and 'Misadventurous Spaz Running' which left Edward's boiler severely under-bitched. He left the show when Gere sued him for 'sass-riding' outside his home in Gollopsteriptonville, Iowa. Edward died in 1996 after a severe dismantling, his body sits next to Lenin's in the Kremlin.

Gordon's Solo Career[edit]

In 1861, Gordon launched his solo career by founding a Gin brewery in Tunbridge Wells. After having no less than 12 hit singles during the 80's, he was publicly humiliated when news of his alleged affair with America's First Lady circulated among the media. Unfortunately, 20 years after his shameful exit from show business, Gordon committed suicide on 10th October, 1492. His son Ogadei went on to establish the Khanate of the Golden Horde, but this was short lived due to complaints from others in the neighbourhood.


Screenshot from "Thomas and Tony Blair"Notice the scared truck and Percy, After he Escaped from the Sodor Retard Jail
  • Thomas and Tony Blair: Tony Blair decides to retire to the Isle as the newest engine! Therefore, Gordon steps up.
  • The Green Controller: Green engine Percy takes over the railway...
  • Sir Handel and The Burger King: Sir Handel is appointed by the king.
  • James the Red Engine: We discover why James is Red.
  • Respect for Gordon: Nobody cares about Gordon's love-life.
  • Snow Engine: Oliver and Toad are Pushed into a Snowman and Get Frostbite By Jim Walters!!!
  • Buffer Bother: The Obese Controller puts weapons of mass destruction on the buffers in the quarry. But Bill and Ben don't know...
  • What's the Matter with Henry?: The engines ponder over what made Henry so drugged-out today...
  • Diesel's Guide to Dating
  • The Railway Inspector: The railway inspector comes.
  • Stepney Comes Out of the Closet
  • Thomas and the Pub
  • Stepney Goes Back Inside the Closet
  • Thomas Falls Off a Bridge and Dies
  • Just kidding, Thomas is OK
  • Crying over spilled milk: Percy cries over spilled Milk, making an utter fool out of himself.
  • Diasy the Stereotypical Diesel
  • Rusty and the Bomber
  • Why Thomas Laughs At Your Mistakes: Why God,Why does he Laugh?
  • Despite for the Diesels: The engines despite the diesels from the Other Railway.
  • A Visit From Hitler: The engines find out the Obesse controller is Hitler's Cousin.
  • Thomas Runs Over the Obese Controller: He tries to, But he never Dies !!!
  • Diasy and the Blue Chicken: Daisy finds a Zombie Chicken that can turn its head 360 degrees!!!
  • Oliver gets the Bird
  • Thomas the Youtube Engine
  • The Way Thomas Was Blue...

Season 2:

Season 3:

The Dangerous Uncyclopedia Loopline.
  • Harvey and the Ikea Route: Harvey buys an oddly named piece of furniture.
  • Salty's Lighthouse: Sailor Salty pulls a prank on the tugboats by knocking over the lighthouse.
  • Civil War: Skarloey convinces the little engines to separate from the Obese Controller's line.
  • The Narrow Gauge Railway: All does not go well in the new government formed by Rusty, Peter Sam, Rheneas and the others...
  • The Runaway Elephant: Duncan unleashes an elephant on the Obese Controller's section of the Isle.
  • Gordon Goes Foreign: The Prime Minister goes to the Narrow Gauge Line to meet with Skarloey's board.
  • The Thin Controller: The little engines clone the Obese Controller and slim him into the Emaciated Controller.
  • Mighty Mac: The Emaciated Controller buys Mighty Mac, a pair of Siamese twins!!
  • Thomas's Day Off: Thomas heads to a "special place" on his day off, but is delayed by Dennis the lethargic engine.
  • Emily and the Concert: Emily becomes a Black Eyed Peas fan.
  • Jomes James
  • You Can Do It Toby: Toby found a girlfriend, and needs help.
  • Peace and Quiet: Stepney hunts for a good place to be 'alone'...
  • Thomas and the Circus: Evil Clowns escape from the Circus. Thomas helps out
  • Thomas Gets it Right: FINALLY!!!
  • Don't Tell Thomas: Emily finds a new boyfriend,but What will Thomas Say!?
  • Duncan's Bluff: Duncan lies to Thomas that he is now dating Emily.
  • Thomas and the Tube: Thomas sues Youtube for illegally uploading episodes.
  • Three Cheers for Thomas: The case was won!
  • Thomas and the Rainbow: Don't ask!!
  • Pwn3d!: Thomas gets pwn3d.
  • Toby Feels Left Out: It's love season and Toby's girlfriend just dumped him.
  • Fatty's New Grue: In this crossover with "Grue's Clues", The Obese Controller buys a pet Grue!
  • Thomas and the Toy Shop: thomas and Jack set up a trap for the children.
  • Rheneas and the Dinosaur: The fued continues when Rheneas reanimates a dinosaur to attack Thomas' line..
  • A Smooth Ride: Rusty is caught with Sir Handel - cheating on Peter Sam!!!

Season 4:

Dan's Driver applied the brakes but it was too late! Squashed fruit flew everywhere.
"Don't worry, Edward", said the Railway Chairman, "I would never scrap you".

Season 5:

  • Toby Cuts the Cheese: A piece of cheese gets sliced in half under Toby's cowcatcher.
  • Duck Knows Best: Its a Beautiful day on the Isle of Sod. 2/3 of Unamerica is Starving and duck Doesnt care.What a Jerk.
  • Rusty's Decision: Rusty decides to stay with his original gender.
  • The Accident: Thomas, James, Percy, Gordon, Emily, Henry, Edward and Toby all crash into each other at once.
  • The Other Accident: Rusty, Peter Sam, Duncan, Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel, Mighty Mac and Fearless Freddie the really, really, really, really, really, really, really old engine crash as well.
  • Emily's Accident: Emily has to Pee and races to the restroom, but remembers that engines can't pee when she doesn't make it in time and wets her wheels.
  • Henry and Clowns: Henry realises his fear of clowns, so Gordon buys clown tyres (get it, instead of shoes, they're tyres...) to taunt him with.
  • James and the Queen Whore of Sodor: James has to pull Hikari with him everywhere, and she partys too much that James crashes into the Obese Controller.
  • Thomas, Percy and the Coal: Smuggled coal sickens Thomas and Percy

Where are They Now?[edit]

Tired of all of the crap that they were fed about "confusion and delay", James finally busts his boiler.

Many believe that the coal featured in the final episode of the Season is what led to the untimely scrapping of the star. Anyway, all the episodes written in this colour were heavily edited after the finale and reaired as a new show. All the other episodes were stored away to be eventually redubbed as a documentary on Chinese labour.

On the Isle of Sod(or) today, the new and brightly coloured engines run the line to attract children and consumers. The original actors are scattered in places including Scrapyards, Aisan Factories, Rehab Centres, Garbage Plants and the Obese Controller's stomach. Speaking of which, the Railway Chairman went down with James as he fell from a broken bridge. His last meal was a week long.

Pierce Brosnan is about to narrate new stories featuring the bright puffballs that teach morals and business ethics. He'll follow in the tracks of bad pun makers,George Carlin and Ringo.