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Can you believe a skunk made this logo?

“I don't care how fluffy your tail is, I'm still boinking it.”
~ Oscar Wilde on WikiFur

WikiFur is a wiki run by a secret cult that calls themselves the Metafurri. The cabal includes noted artists, writers, and board members (usually the quiet ones) from several major furry conventions. Its members constantly vie with one another for power, prestige, and yiff.

WikiFur is often mislabeled as an encyclopedia by those who don't like furries, those who don't like being furries, or those who think furries would be interested in links to goatse. This is, of course, just another example of fursecution.

  • Furries: Tons
  • Drama: Even more
  • Contributors: Furries
  • Pr0n: None, unless you click any of the external links

All are incredibly evil, and cause brain cells to lower at an alarming high speed. The same also oddly enough happens to your sperm count, though science has yet been unable to explain this.


The WikiFurri cult was founded in late Furbruary by their Mighty Leader to supposedly educate the world about the Furry way of Life. Naturally, the unstated objective was to act as a stepping stone for the distribution of misinformation, allowing furries to confuse their detractors and eventually conquer the world.

The Wikifurri slowly gained members over the next few weeks, until dedicated LiveJournal whoring caused the site to be featured by Something Awful, leading the suddenly rapid recruitment of even more poor, unfortunate souls into the ranks of the Wikifurri in backlash from the excessive links to their project. By the end of August the site had 1000 articles, a number at least 1000 more than anyone ever wanted to see. Thousands had been converted into the Furri way of life and the Wikifurri had gone from laughingstock to cultural steamroller. Three years later, over 10,000 topics had fallen under its dominion.

Through bribery, secret magical rites, and incredible ingenuity the hard work of the Wikifuri caused WikiFur to become the Featured Cult Project for December 2005, sparking a war with the mentally and genetically superior wookiees that was only resolved once WikiFur left the Wikia nebula. All hail our Furry overlords and death to the Wookie infidels! We will crush their shag-carpeted spirits under the boots of our amazing glory and power! Glory to the Wikifurri and it's illustrious founder and may we all yiff in peace!

Wouldn't everyone like to see every bit of furry related minutia and trivia mixed in with Wikipedia with every other click of the random button being about some obscure furry character we'd all benefit from hearing about?

NO. Yes; yes we would. The power of the Wikifurri compels you![Citation not needed at all; thank you very much]

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