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Stupid Corn 2 ad on a stupid Trump website
Corn 2. The sequel to corn. The new conservative vegetable. #corn2 #buycorn2 #eatcorn2

The sequel to corn. The new conservative vegetable. Corn 2. Buy Corn 2. Eat Corn 2

Motives[edit | edit source]

Corn 2 was created to make you a good, patriotic, productive, racist proud white American citizen. We accomplished this by implementing the new and improved patriot powder into its secret formula. (Note: Upon consuming Corn 2, many reasonable people will call you things like "racist", "ignorant", and a "diseased psychopath". All of these things are not true, and just propaganda by the evil Chinese liberal socialist commie state to make you live in fear. Make sure to tune in to Fox News to support their advertisers get more valuable information on this topic. BUY CORN 2, EAT CORN 2!

Buy Corn 2[edit | edit source]

You will find where to buy Corn 2 being advertised on the national Fox News station. Don't check your local FOX station, because it's probably run by liberal communist Chinese propaganda farmers. Buying Corn 2 is known scientifically to improve the happiness of the average American. It only costs $49.99 at WAL-MART, but the special Xtra-Xtreme Patriot Formula is only available on our website, BUY CORN 2, EAT CORN 2!

Eat Corn 2[edit | edit source]

Corn 2 is made of our proprietary blend. We don't share the ingredients with anyone, so you know it's good! Here are some instructions on how to properly consume Corn 2:

  1. Remove Corn 2 from package. Optionally keep silica gel packets for flavour.
  2. Scrape toxic chemicals from outside of Corn 2 cob (step not necessary for canned Corn 2)
  3. Place in cooking container or integrate into other meal, add silica gel packet for flavour
  4. Place Corn 2 in a certified American oven that has been preheated to 9001 degrees (the true American kind of degrees, not the fake other kinds) for 24 hours
  5. Heat Corn 2 for 666 minutes
  6. Let Corn 2 cool for 24 hours
  7. Corn 2 is ready to serve! Add more silica gel if necessary.