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Users that speak Klingon.

0: No real understanding - You know of the language and appreciate the culture.
0.5: Minor understanding (maybe a few words) - You could speak some words but otherwise use a translator.
1: Basic understanding - You can make up a sentence and can contribute regarding the culture, but you still use a translator.
2: Intermediate understanding - You can contribute to articles in the language, but you are not fluent and make mistakes.
3: Advanced understanding - You can read and speak the language but minor errors sometimes occur.
4: Near-native understanding - You have the fluency of an average native speaker, despite it being your second or third language, etc.
N: Native fluency - You use the language in everyday situations and have full fluency, including colloquialisms and vernacular.
A: Accent - You speak the language with a thick foreign accent.
E: Education but no real understanding - You learned the language in school and never used it again.
F: Flunked this class - You got an F in the language.
G: Remove the language from existence - You want everyone who speaks the language dead.
L: Lisp - You have a lisp that affects how you speak the language.
P: Profanity - You're a profane speaker of the language.
X: Seduction - You only speak the language enough to get laid.

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