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“I constructed your mom last night.”

~ PiOfFive on Your mom

About Pi[edit]

PiOfFive's Contributions to Uncyclopedia[edit]

I've had a crap load of edits, and instead of listing them all out like some n00b, here's a gallery of some of my best work. Enjoy.


My trophy cabinet needs to be dusted...

If I got any award, the Anonymous N00b Award would be it, or the "Most Times Forgotten to Login Award" (See this page's history)

Images Uploaded By Me[edit]

I've been busy uploading images....

Images Uploaded by Me

OsamaHideOut.JPG Pee-on-logo2.jpg GoogleSpider.jpg NaziFlag.jpg AthiestDeath.JPG HinduDeath.JPG UnitarianDeath.JPG SpellinAword.JPG Mushroomcloud.jpg HinduChart.JPG EasyBake.jpg Marxalot.jpg

Famous Quotes by PiOfFive[edit]

“A dingo ate my baby!”

~ Some Crazy Australian Woman on Some Crazy Australian Woman

“I think my cat watches CNN, that twisted son of a b####”
~ Oscar Wilde on CNN

“..And I'd have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for those meddling kids!!”
~ Oscar Wilde on Scooby Doo

“You have how many ever cows you believe in.”

“It's a Steve Jobs well done!”

“Hey! It looks like Croatia's eating Bosnia!”
~ Oscar Wilde on Croatia

“HAHAHA!...oh's not funny”
~ Oscar Wilde on Not funny

A Nice Little Card game[edit]





Card-hearts-up.gif Card-hearts-up.gif

Card-hearts-up.gif Card-hearts-up.gif

Card-hearts-down.gif Card-hearts-down.gif


2s are wild, so I win!