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These templates all serve some purpose. (Just don't ask me, I don't know.)

Flame sign.jpg
Please Take Care

A large amount of fire has been reported in the area. The purtyness of it means that it is dangerous. FEAR!

Cz Flag.gif
This user is Czechoslovakian
and can spell better than you!
(List of all Czech Uncyclopedians)
Cz Flag.gif
Yummy... Necropaxx

has awarded you a Chocolate Cake for voting on VFH.
You may eat now.

CheeseChapel.jpg Necropaxx hath awarded thee a wedge of Holy Cheese!!!!!
PS: Thanks for voting on Holy Cheese on VFH.
Nerd virus.jpg Necropaxx awards you your certificate of quitting!
PS: Thanks for learning HowTo:Stop Being a Nerd on VFH.
Bordeaux.jpg OUI!

Necropaxx's belated thanks go with you for voting positively on Siege of Bordeaux. Remember, les français ne sont jamais au dessus de dérision!

Translate it yourself, je suis trop de fatigue.
Costume-grim-reaper-clipart.gif ***You Are Dead***

Necropaxx's soul-felt thanks go with you for the For vote on Grim Reaper.

Remember, Grim's just a normal guy with the greatest job in the world.
Wikipedia no soul.png
This user will never forget October 23, 2008; the day that Wikia sold its soul. :-S
Wikipedia no soul.png
Necropaxx.jpg Hi there! This big ol' grin must mean this article
is being reviewed by:

Necropaxx (T) {~}
(While you're welcome to review it as well, you might like to consider

(Also, if the review hasn't been finished within 24 hours of this tag appearing
at {{{1}}}
feel free to remove it and give Necropaxx a swift kick up the butt for being such a loser).

Elevator-Fun.jpg Going Down?

Necropaxx would like to thank you profusely for reading his article and actually liking it enough to vote For.

The picture on the right is exactly what you wouldn't see in an elevator. Sorry. :(

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