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So, I was wondering if we could do something at the end of the year in December annually and induct very Uncyclopedian-community famous users and certain articles (All top 10 from each year, and things that weren't top 10 but are in a way).

I just feel the Hall of Shame doesn't entirely display the best of the best Uncyclopedia has offered in past years. So I'm thinking we can expand upon the Hall of Shame and make an Uncyclopedia Hall of Fame.

What would the nomination/voting/etc. look like? Well first off the creator and veteran admins and sysadmins would be inducted before December's induction/nomination/voting thingy and the Top 10 from every year would be as well. User wise, this would include Chronarion, Jasonr, Keitei, Gwax, Angela, Mhaille, Splaka, Codeine, Rcmurphy, Dawg, PantsMacKenzie, Marcos Malo, EvilZak, Algorithm, Bradaphraser, David Gerard, MadMax, Sophia, Stillwaters, Famine, Savethemooses, KP, Sannse, Zim ulator, Hindleyite, Spang, Zombiebaron, Tom mayfair, Jack Phoenix, TKF, Olipro, Mordillo, MoneySign, RAHB, Hardwick Fundlebuggy, Modusoperandi

And so on. And now I'm not saying those just listed would all be definitely inducted (although we can all be sure Chronarion, Codeine, Mhaille, Splaka, Rcmurphy, Dawg, PantsMacKenzie, Mhaille, Savethemooses, Madmax, Sophia, Famine, Sannse, Zombiebaron, Tom mayfair, Jack Pheonix, TKF, RAHB etc. would be inducted immediately) but this is just to give you a general idea.

And I think Aleister could probably be inducted immediately for the shit ton of features produced. But hey, who knows?

Anywhore, the big rules involving the eligibility of users must fit these requirements:

  1. The user has to have contributed at least 1 edit. This does not mean that users such as SPIKE (who has never edited this domain of the site) cannot be nominated here if he ever is considered for Hall of Fame.
  2. The user's first contribution has to been at least 5 years old. So for the 2014 induction, for example, any users who made their first edit before 2011 is eligible for being inducted into the HOF. The contribution date does not have to be surpassed. For example, if a user's first contribution was on December 27th of 2010 they can still be inducted in 2014. This is because another week of December doesn't mean much and it would be douchebag like not to consider them.

So after the immediate induction it would look a little like this:

Username Years Active Year Inducted
Chronarion 2005–2010 2014
Zombiebaron 2005–present 2014

And so on.

Article rules include:

  1. The article must be featured.
  2. The article can be from any namespace

Then the articles would something like this.

Article name Year of feature Year inducted
Oscar Wilde 2007 2014

The voting each December would start on December 1st and would last until Christmas Day. Each year, there will be a voting page that is separated into two sections for User nominations and Article nominations.

I'm thinking IPs will not be allowed to vote due the fact it would probably be on bullshit.

Nominations have to be serious. Joke nominations will be reverted and continuing to do so will result in a banning during the month of December. Don't spend your holidays on this note. So basically, don't nominate someone like mister one contribution only or something random like that.

Nominations last from Dec 1 to Dec 10, then voting takes place from Dec 11 to Dec 24. On Christmas, induction time!!!

After each year, the top vote getters each year will be inducted along with any other nominations that reach 5 or more scorewise. If 5 becomes too small of a number to use, then 2015 would be the year to consider a different induction goal rate/thing/minimum etc tactic.

I, for one, have a PurpleDickVote.svg Boner. for this idea.

And if it happens, it would be a work in progress and could change in terms of voting/nomination processes in further years.


Goal... how about 10?

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