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I writ 17 articles so far[edit | edit source]

  • Whirlpool- This is my second article, written as an outcry against the boring wikipedia page.
  • Catapult- (huffed, this was my first article too, I actually thought that admins checked up on NRV at that time, but it was automated and flammable ignored my inquiry on his talk page).
  • JUG- Inspired from school, possibly my 3rd.
  • Will- From the war phrase "Fire at Will!", I thought of Will as a person, hated passionately by army leaders.
  • GameSpot (Rewrite)- As a member and leader of the Uncyclopedia Union, the previous version I was ashamed of and I rewrote it.
  • PlayStation 3 (Rewrite)- Was another piss poor videogame article as a result of Sony's E3 disappointment. I did a heavy rewrite, had some content and formatting quirks added by Bloodrage and anons.
  • Douglas Adams (Rewrite)- Ahh Douglas, author of my favorite comedy books. I noticed his page was terrible and I took a crack at a rewrite in Douglas' style.
  • Giant enemy plant- Obviously from Giant enemy crab fiasco after Sony's E3 fallout, instead of the more obvious route, I realized that there were a lot of giant enemy plants rooted in video game history. So that's mainly what the topic covers.
  • Typoglycemia- Saw it on Wikipedia, actually sort of uninspired, but hey, it's a fine self-reference.
  • Big Dumb Object- These things always get so much attention in movies, even when really, this is all that it is.
  • Proportion- From the phase "Blowing it out of Proportion", eventually I brainstormed Proportion as a weapon, and after catapults failure I put a medieval spin on it and made it about a cannon.
  • Mousetrap- I totally forgot this one existed, nevertheless the article concerns the mousetrap as an animal, like the gazebo is.
  • Chainsaw- I own a copy of Gears of War now, so this was the result of playing it a bit really, and a good chainsaw article was overdue.
  • World War What- A vague occurance of an article, with various puns scattered about. Not much is known, but it certainly is confusing.
  • HowTo:Fend Off Wild Animals- My first HowTo:, it's not that great, but I felt like making a HowTo:. My next HowTo: should be better.
  • Flamethrower (Rewrite)- I submitted this under Best Pictures in '07s PLS. I was unsure whether to put it in Rewrite or not, but since Best Pics had only 4 entries at the time, I went with that. It's currently the only article I wrote to have images in it that were edited by me. I quite like it...
  • Alicia Witt- I had an option of writing Ludwig Wittgenstein or Alicia Witt, but User:Wittgenstein already wrote Wittgenstein 2 years ago, so minor actress Alicia Witt it was. It's short and stupid, like her. You can call it self reference, I call it self-reference.

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Miner Contribution's[edit | edit source]

Stuff I've chiseled away at. Touch-up, sentence additions, speeling and grammur fixings, deletion of the unfunny, links, template add or move ect.

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Date of birth[edit | edit source]

February 28th, on User:Witt E. Which I forgot the password to.

Signature (no touching)[edit | edit source]

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