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For Lenoxus, all seven deadly sins!

Fritz Lang on Lenoxus

, Metropolis, 1927 That's going a little too far.
Rock and roll defines my sexuality now.
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Here's my central hub of websites. As with any userpage, I ask that you do not edit here; thanks. Oh, and note that if I use a date here, it might confuse you, because I list it month/day/year by the American convention, not day/month/year like much of the rest of the world. My talkpage will refer you to the articles that are currently under my watchful eye.

I now collect quotes from the Quote Market and display them here.

Articles I just plain like (no particular order)[edit]

Many but not all are featured. Out of modesty I don't list any of the ones I claim to have "edited to my satisfaction," even those which I found pretty cool when I first laid eyes thereupon. Does that make sense? The list is as follows and hopefully expanding:


I Fucking Hate the Bermuda Triangle, Murphy's law application for antigravitatory cats, Marcel Proust, George Baily, Smells Like Teen Spirit, St. Peter's Basilica, Nihilism, Keira Knightley In A White Corset And Kate Beckinsale In A Black One, Life's Answerable Questions, Rogue Punchlines

Maybe eventually feature, maybe not?[edit]

Delaware, UnNews:2001 Space Odyssey was faked, allege conspiracy theorists, Minimalism, bicycle,

Doesn't really have to be featured[edit]

Atlantic Records, Article title

Articles I'm, like, in-between about[edit]

These are probably the best which can be done with these topics, but they're still kinda funny. Oh well. (The list will probably expand as well.)

Breast... and... yeah...

Articles which I have:[edit]

Edited to my satisfaction as of:[edit]

3/9/07: Mr. T/Facts

3/7/06: Andrew Johnson

3/6/06: Moses

2/19/07: Hey Jude

2/14/07: Mad Libs (but I'll be back)

1/11/07: Declaration of Independence

6/15/06: Sudoku

6/02/06: Oscar Mayer (not to toot my own horn too much, but it was the last edit before the article became featured — although it was obviously well on the way to that anyway, and I don't recall doing anything but style, as opposed to content, edits. SO never mind.)

6/1/06: Delaware

5/26/06: Table of Contents

5/26/06: Utopia

5/19/06: Fascist

5/18/06: UnNews:Volcano blows top! Magma spurts out of thick cone

5/15/06: Insert title here — discussion on that is over here.

5/6/06: Soap

5/1/06: Friends

4/16/06: Love

3/29/06: OMG

3/26/06: Thesaurus

3/25/06: Snapple, The Onion

3/13/06: Lemony Snicket

3/08/06: Zombie Jesus


2/18/06: Template:Instant disambig

2/18/06: Template:Forever lousy

2/18/06: Template:Shiningstub

2/16/07: Template:Scrutiny

2/7/07: Fucking everything

1/12/07: UnNews:Bill O'Reilly condemns subway rescuer for "disgusting physical closeness to another man"

12/14/06: Template:Act-cont

8/28/06: Don Hertzfeldt

5/19/06: Exact change

3/14/06: Razr

3/08/06: Undictionary

No longer existing (but I might try to bring back)[edit]

3/9/07: The Treachery Of Images

1/7/07: Torchic

12/22/06: This article sucks.

All but created (took a completely different take on, that is):[edit]

5/20/06: Freegan

Users who are cool (an incomplete list in no particular order)[edit]

Specifically sysops[edit]

Favorite templates (an incomplete list)[edit]

Attempts to explain joke, Work in Progress, Spoiler, Adorno

Incidents I'd like to put behind me as best I can[edit]

  • My long rant and even longer apology concerning Gay Pride. Let's just say I was feeling really touchy about life in general and had forgotten to lighten up and enjoy this place for what it is. Plus I've learned a bit more about te phenomenon of gay pride and how it works since then, and this has helped my understanding of the style/content of that article.
  • New! The Porchesian Holocaust. While it was on the featured poll, I proposed its being moved to Porchesian Holocaust, then re-proposed for just plain Porchesia. Another user made the first move, not realizing it was on VFH. I still think this is more appropriately "Porchesia" (currently a redirect) but am not going to bother going around in circles about it.

Number of events that have occurred within a given period of time[edit]


In conclusion:[edit]

I came, I saw, I Lenoxused.

Julius Caesar on Lenoxus

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