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Kill the Gentiles.

Israelite warcry

I’m a rebellious Jew, I am going to marry a gentile because foreskin

Phoebe Perlman

A typical genital: note the small nose

A gentile is an un-circumsized genital.

Anti-Gentilism is perfectly natural. Don't worry if you hate Gentiles. Everybody hates genitally intact people for obvious reasons. (gentile readers:- for their intact genitals)

Even God hates Gentiles.

Why God hates Gentiles[edit | edit source]

God[who?] made man perfect except he put too much clay on their genitals. So God chose as his people those who agreed to cut off this surplus clay and thus please God. Gentiles refuse to please God. Gentiles offend God. Gentiles are anathema to God. Genitals are bad. This is why God hates gentiles (according to אנטישמי משלשל זרע). Use google to translate. Note: If you are a Gentile, simply cutting off your own foreskin will fool no one, certainly not God. You have to be Jewish or it doesn't count. So fuck off.

How to spot a Gentile[edit | edit source]

We have Einstein, you have Bush, nah nah nah nernah!

Israelite warcry

Gentiles can be spotted by their genitals, which are intact, and frequently on display in English towns and cities on a Friday night. They also have small noses, and are less brainy than normal people.

Why Gentiles are all soooo THICK!![edit | edit source]

It's genetic- another example of a Hebrew word meaning 'Gentile', or 'stupid'.

Gentiles cause trouble wherever they go![edit | edit source]

Gentiles eat babies and chew bubblegum and leave it on seats for normal people to sit on. Gentiles are destroying the planet through global warming. 99.99% of all wars in the history of the world are caused by Gentiles, and the remaining 0.01% don't count. During World War II the Gentiles attempted to get rid of normal people by putting them in ghettoes and playing Wagner at them very loudly.

Telling one Gentile from another[edit | edit source]

A gentile is a genital is a gentile.... and as with sheep (which are also gentiles), don't worry if you find it impossible to tell them apart. The gentiles are after all the earth's other race: a Chinese gentile looks indistinguishable from an African gentile looks identical to an Eskimo gentile and so on. All gentiles are fundamentally the same. Though, of course, lengths may vary.

Conspiracy Theories[edit | edit source]

Gentiles are thought to have major influence over, if not control of, the US government, the UK government, the EU, the UN, and perhaps even several of the world's privately owned newspapers. They are also thought to be the major cause of sexually transmitted diseases, ebola and rabies. Touching gentiles is widely known to cause allergic rashes and blindness.

Gentiles breed![edit | edit source]

Over 98% of the world are now thought to be gentiles. Oy, this is dreadful.

Gentiles come in hordes![edit | edit source]

We're coming to get you! We're coming to get you!

Gentile warcry

If you see one gentile... you can guarantee it is part of an invading horde.

Notable gentile hordes include:

  • The Roman horde
  • The British horde
  • The Arab horde

Possible future gentile hordes include:

  • The Chinese horde
  • The Indian horde
  • The Cowboy horde
  • The Martian horde
  • The Redneck Confederation
  • The Gold horde
  • Sewer Rats
  • Emo people

What can we do about the Gentiles?[edit | edit source]

We must descriminate against gentiles wherever they are found... shun them, do not have sex with them; laugh at their knobs, and cut off their foreskins. If none of that works rest assured God will DESTROY them. So there!

Tidying your home after a Gentile has left it[edit | edit source]

Occasionally a gentile may visit- perhaps a tax inspector or salesman. To ensure this remains merely an inconvenience and not a catastrophe, simply follow these simple steps after their departure. There is no need to demolish and rebuild your entire home!

  • Liberally wash floors, surfaces, and walls in undiluted disinfectant.
  • Toilet seats, soiled cups and utensils should quickly be taken outside and burned.
  • Send expensive electrical goods to Dimona for irradiation treatment. Mark them "Gentile house visit".
  • Most importantly, carefully check drains and nearby sewers to ensure the gentile really has left.


An example of a Gentile[edit | edit source]

The following people are thought to be of gentile origin

"Although it is widely disputed that Tom Cruise is a gentile, through rigorous research done by none other than Billy Bangme himself, it has been declared valid"

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